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Meg goes to the cottage for her meal with Lloyd Munro and finds everything in the cottage living room spick and span.  She says he must have a good housekeeper but Lloyd tells her that he hasn't got a housekeper.  Meg goes into kitchen and finds dirty dishes stacked up on the draining board.

Chris Hunter joins Trina Jameson in the staff room and congratulates her on her engagement to Joe MacDonald.  He gives her an envelope and asks her to give the letter to Diane when she comes back from holiday.

Meg helps Lloyd Munro with the clearing up.  She gives him the phone number of an employment agency where he can get himself a housekeeper.

*** End of Episode 3155 *** 

Doris Luke and Benny arrive at Cyril Watkins shop and Cyril tells Doris that he understands there was some unpleasantness between her and Harry Turvey.  Doris says it was her fault and says she would like to apologise to Harry.

David shows Meg a letter from Ed Lawton saying that he will have to give up Heywood Farm through ill health.  David says Ed has enclosed a letter for Benny.

Ira Turvey goes to the back of Cyril Watkin's shop and tells Harry that Doris Luke is here and would like to apologise.  Doris comes into the room and tells Harry that she is sorry she upset him.  Harry ignores her.  "Harry!" shouts Ira.  "Alright!  No hard feelings," says Harry, grudgingly.

Benny looks at the car which was involved in the accident with Sharon and finds a gold lighter and gold lipstick holder on the front seat.  He gives them to Joe MacDonald.

Marion Owen arrives at Cyril Watkin's shop and tells him that Doctor Farnham would like to see Harry Turvey to give him the results of his tests. 

Benny gives Victor Lee the items he found in the car.  Sharon takes them from him and examines them.  "You know what, the sister at the hospital said that her husband hadn't left her side, hadn't slept or eaten.  He's got faith that she'll pull through.  Oh, I wish I had," says Sharon. 

David gives Victor Lee the letter for Benny from Ed Lawton.

A lady arrives at Lloyd Munro's cottage and see's Meg clearing up Lloyd's living room.  The attractive blond says she has come about the job as housekeeper.

Sharon Metcalfe and Victor Lee are just about to leave the office at the end of the day when the phone rings.  Sharon tells Victor that she gave the hospital the garage phone number incase there was any news about Mrs Foster, the lady involved in the car accident with Sharon.  Victor Lee answers the phone.  "Oh, I'm sorry," says Victor as Sharon stands by.  "Yes, I'll tell her in the morning," says Victor.  He puts the phone down.  "She never regained consciousness," Victor tells Sharon.  "She holds on for two days and then loses it.  That poor man.  That poor, poor man," says Sharon.

*** End of Episode 3156 ***

Doris Luke goes to Cyril Watkin's shop and says she values their friendship and wouldn't want to lose it.  Cyril says he is going to see about the post office tomorrow.  Doris tells Cyril to take Ira with him and she will come to the shop and help Harry.

Trina Jameson tells Joe MacDonald that they can save rent by living with her parents but Joe says no, it wouldn't work.

Doris Luke goes to the shop on her day off to help Harry Turvey.  Doris tells Harry that she will get some stock from the storeroom but Harry says there is no need.  All the same Doris Luke goes inot the storeroom.  Harry Turvey answers the phone.  All of a sudden there is a loud crash and a yell from the storeroom.  Harry slams the phone down and rushes into the storeroom.  "Doris!" he exclaims.  Marion Owen comes into the shop at that moment and Harry Turvey tells her that Doris Luke has had an accident.  Marion Owen goes into the backroom and then to the phone where she rings for an ambulance. 

A man comes into the garage see's the wrecked car parked in the workshop.  Benny asks him if he is the insurance man.  "No.  The car.  It belonged to my  wife," says the man.  "My late wife," he adds.

Joe MacDonald comes into the workshop and shows the man into the garage office.  Mr Foster asks Sharon Metcalfe what is happening about the car involved in the accident.  "What's your interest?" asks Sharon.  "My name's Foster.  My wife was driving the car," says Mr Foster.  "My name's Sharon Metcalfe.  I expect they told you all about me.  I was driving the other car," says Sharon. 

*** End of Episode 3157 ***

"There's no blame attached to you at all.  I accept that," says Mr Foster.  Sharon says she wanted to go to the hospital to see his wife but they wouldn't let her.  She says she saw a young girl at the hospital.  Mr Foster tells Sharon that was Becky, his daughter.

Cyril Watkins and Ira Turvey return to the shop and Harry tells them that there has bee an accident, that Doris Luke has fallen off the step ladder and has been taken to hospital.  Cyril Watkin's goes to see Marion Owen at the doctor's surgery and asks her how Doris is.  Marion tells him that she has some broken ribs and possibly internal injuries.  She promises to let him know if there is anymore news.

Victor Lee gives Benny the letter from Ed Lawton.  Benny tells Victor that Mr Foster, the dead lady's husband, is in the office with Sharon.  Victor Lee goes into the garage office and meets Geoffrey Foster.  Geoffrey Foster thanks Sharon Metcalfe then leaves. 

*** End of Episode 3158 *** 

Victor Lee says Sharon could have done without that.  "No, I think it did me good," says Sharon.  She tells Victor that Geoffrey Foster was very calm about it and showed no emotion. 









1979 Episodes continued

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