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Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines and tells her that she can't stay indoors for months on her own.  Muriel says she wants to go and see Jim in hospital but she can't.  She asks Sharon if she would visit Jim and come back and tell her how he is.
Lynne Baxter asks Doctor Butterworth if it will be possible for her and Sandy to have children.  Doctor Butterworth says there is no reason why they shouldn't but they might have to wait a little while. 
Meg and Philip Warner Blyth have dinner in Meg's room.  Meg drops her serviette on the floor and Warner Blyth bends to pick it up.  "Oh my back.  It's gone," he groans.  Meg tries to help him, but fails so she phones reception.  "Hello Sandy.  Would you send Diane up.  Yes, of course I'm alright.  Just send Diane up," says Meg. 
Meg helps Philip Warner Blyth onto her bed.  Diane rushes in and asks what is wrong.  "His back's gone," explains Meg and Diane giggles.  "He was bending down to pick up my napkin," explains Meg.  Diane tells her that Doctor Butterworth is downstairs and Meg asks her to fetch him.
Diane rushes into reception where she finds Doctor Butterworth.  She asks him to come upstairs and help with a slight problem, and the doctor goes with her.
Tony Moran and Rick Hamilton have a drink at the motel and Rick tells Tony that he has got David Hunter in on his business venture.  He asks Tony to come in as well but Tony declines.
Doctor Butterworth examines Philip Warner Blyth and tells him that he will have to rest, and will need a physiotherapist.  Meg asks how they will get a physiotherapist up here without anyone becoming suspicious, and Doctor Butterworth says they will have to pretend it is for her.
Lucy Hamilton asks Kate if she knows anything about this business deal that Rick is involved with.  She says if the deal came off it could change everything.  "It's a nice dream darling, but no," says Kate.
Carney joins David Hunter at the reception desk and says he saw Tony Moran earlier.  "You've not started gambling again have you sir?" asks Carney.  "No, I asked his advice on a business speculation," says David.  "You've got me there.  If you ask me speculations just another word for gambling," says Carney.  "You could well be right," answers David. 
Tony goes to see Kate at the cottage and asks her if she knows anything about this venture of Rick's.  Kate says Rick has talked about it but she doesn't really know any details.  Tony says Rick asked him to come in on it but he said no.  Kate says Rick has changed and this venture just might work.  "Kate, don't kid yourself.  You know it will all go wrong," says Tony.  "He's only got 3000, that's all," he adds.  "Do you know where from?" asks Kate.  "Yes I do, and I don't think you're going to like it.  David Hunter," Tony tells her.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines and finds Doctor Butterworth there.  She tells Muriel that she went to see Jim and he's the same as ever, moaning about everything.  She gives Muriel a note from Jim but says that he really wants to see her.  Doctor Butterworth offers to take Muriel to the hospital.
Rick Hamilton arrives at the cottage and Kate asks him where he has been.  Rick says he has been signing a lot of papers.  Kate asks to see the papers but Rick says he hasn't got them with him.  "Why did you have to do it?  Why couldn't you leave us alone.  I know all about it.  I know all about David Hunter.  Are you with me now or are you still wrapped up in that dream," says Kate.  "Of course it's true.  I offered him a deal and he's come in on it," answers Rick.  "David wouldn't have come in at all if it hadn't been for me," says Kate.  Rick assures her that it will be alright.  "Ask Maud Ackerman," he says.  "Alright I will," says Kate.  "Well you don't want to bother him at this time do you" says Rick.  Kate tells Rick to give David back his money. 
Tish Hope arrives at the motel to help out whilst Sandy is in hospital for his annual check up.  She joins David in the office and asks where Meg is.  David explains that Meg has a bad cold and she is probably in her room.
Sharon Metcalfe chats with Jane Smith in the garage office and Sharon tells her that Muriel Baines went to see Jim in hospital last night.  Victor Lee comes into the office and Jane hurries out.  Sharon tells Victor Lee that Muriel went to see Jim in hospital last night. 
Kate Hamilton joins David in the office and tells him that she knows all about his business deal with Rick.  "Why David?" she asks.  "It seemed like a good idea," David tells her.  "Tell me something.  If I hadn't been involved would you have considered the idea?" asks Kate.  "If I didn't know you I wouldn't know Rick, so there wouldn't have been a deal," answers David.  "You're side stepping," says Kate.  Kate tells David that in the past everything Rick has tried has gone wrong, and she has told Rick to return his money.
Jane Smith goes to see Muriel Baines at home and congratulates her on visiting Jim at the hospital.  Jane asks her how Jim is and Muriel says he was moaning about the garage's acting manager Victor Lee., saying that it was his nagging that caused the accident. 
Later that evening Victor Lee visits Muriel Baines and asks her if there is anything he can do to help.  "No, I can manage.  Goodnight Mr Lee," says Muriel shortly.

1978 Episodes continued

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