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Tony Moran goes to the cottage and Rick tells him that Kate knows about David Hunter coming in on his business deal.  Rick again asks Tony Moran to come in on the business deal, and Tony says he wants a written guarantee from Harry Zimmerman.  Rick says that would take ages, so Tony declines the offer.  "Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, with you I think it was an I.O.U." says Tony.  "What am I going to do?" asks Rick.  "Well, you've got a choice.  You either stick it out, or cut and run," advises Tony.
A lady named Miss Montgomery arrives at the motel and tells David Hunter that she has come to do some work on Mrs Mortimer.  "Well, where's the patient?" she asks.  David phones through to the office to try to find Meg.  At that moment Meg comes through to reception from the kitchen and David introduces her to Miss Montgomery.  Meg doesn't realise who Miss Montgomery is until David tells her that she has come to do some treatment on her back.
At the cottage Rick Hamilton packs his bags.  Lucy comes home unexpectedly and finds him, and asks what he is doing.  Rick says he has to go back to America for a little while.  Lucy asks if Kate knows he is going, and Rick says he has left her a note explaining everything.    
Sir Geoffrey Yuille phones David Hunter and asks to speak to Meg Mortimer.  David telephones Meg's rooms and Miss Montgomery answers, and tells David that Mrs Mortimer can't come to the phone right now.  Just as David puts the phone down Meg comes into reception and asks where Mr Black is.  David tells her that he booked out two days ago.
Kate arrives home and Lucy tells her that Rick has gone, and gives her the note which he left.  Kate tells Lucy that Rick has involved David Hunter in a business deal which seems to have fallen through. 
Miss Montgomery manipulates Philip Warner Blyth's back.  Meg tells him to leave.
Carney finds a silver pen attached to a newspaper.
Victor Lee asks Sharon Metcalfe if she has seen his pen.  He tells her that he went to see Muriel Baines but she didn't want to know.
Kate Hamilton joins David in the office.  She phones Diane Parker, who is on reception duty, and asks her not to put any phone calls through to the office for a moment.  "Mr Hunter and I want to be left alone," she tells Diane.  "Diane, you have got a wicked mind," she adds as Diane makes a comment.
Kate explains to David that Rick has left the country and she will contact Maud Ackerman to try to find out where he is.  She tells David that she wants to pay back the money he gave to Rick.  "Here's the first installment," she says and hands David a cheque.  "It's only 50," she adds.  "Kate, I can't accept this," says David.  "You don't have to pay it back," he adds and tears the cheque up.  "David that was silly," says Kate, raising her voice.  "Kate.  I am not having you pay back that money.  So just forget it," says David.  "But someone has to," says Kate, loudly.  At that moment Meg comes into the office and hears their raised voices.  "Oh I'm sorry," she says and makes to leave.  "No please Meg.  My husband has left the country with 3000 that belongs to David," Kate explains.  "There's no need to involve Meg," says David.  "I intend to pay that money back and if I have to have more money I'll find another job," says Kate.  "That's rediculous," says David.  "It would be a great help if you agreed," says Kate.
Carney puts a notice up in reception regarding the silver pen he found.  He tells Jane Smith that it was attached to the crossword page of the newspaper, and Jane tells him that Mr Hunter does crosswords.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into reception and see the notice, and tells Carney that Victor Lee was saying something about losing a pen yesterday.  Carney says he will go and see Victor Lee about it later.
Carney goes to the garage office and asks Victor Lee if he enjoys doing crosswords.  "Well, yes.  I hardly ever finish them though," says Victor.  Carney asks him if he was in reception doing a crossword yesterday and Victor says he was.  "You've found my pen," he says.  Carney asks him to describe the pen and when Victor does so, Carney returns his pen to him.
Jane Smith asks Tish Hope if Lynne and Sandy know where they are going on honeymoon.  She shows Tish a magazine advertising Minorca.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines and says Victor Lee mentioned that he came to see her yesterday.  Muriel tells Sharon that he isn't welcome here.
Tish Hope shows Lynne Baxter the advertisement for holidays in Minorca, and phones Meg's brother Andy, who runs a travel agency.
Meg telephones Hugh in Australia and asks him about Philip Warner Blyth.  Diane Parker comes into the office as she is speaking and Meg motions for her to sit down.  After Meg has finished talking to Hugh she tells Diane that Hugh knows Philip Warner Blyth but he isn't really a friend of his.  She says Warner Blyth apparently goes about pretending that he is in partnership with Hugh.  "In other words, he's a crook," says Diane.

1978 Episodes continued

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