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Anthony Mortimer visits Jill at Chimney's and tells her that he has been doing a lot of thinking.  He says when he asked her to come to America with him and set up home there she refused.  "Well, I'm going to ask you again and this time I want you to think very carefully.  I was wondering if you would consider marrying me?" asks Anthony.  "You mean it don't you," says Jill.  They kiss.
*** End of Episode 2871 ***
Tony Moran goes to the cottage to speak to Kate Hamilton but instead finds Lucy alone.  Lucy tells Tony that her mother hasn't come home from work yet.  Lucy asks Tony bluntly if he is in love with her mother.  "For everybody's sake keep your nose out of my business," says Tony Moran.  Kate Hamilton arrives home and Tony tells her that he is taking her out to dinner.
Stan see's Meg and tells her that last night when he went to Chimney's he found Anthony Mortimer there.  "He's asked her to marry him.  Somehow I can't see her leaving Sarah Jane," says Stan.  Meg warns him against building up his hopes of getting custody of Sarah Jane because up until now Jill has been a good mother.  "Yeah, but she's undone all that now," says Stan.  "Maybe not in the eyes of the law," says Meg. 
Lynne Baxter shows off her engagement ring.
Tony Moran tells Kate that Lucy has been asking questions about their relationship.  He says it may be a good idea to make it clear to Lucy that they are just good friends.  Later, Kate warns Lucy to stop meddling in her affairs.  Lucy says Tony Moran is using her.  "You don't like Tony do you?" asks Kate.  "I loathe him," says Lucy. 
Stan Harvey goes home to Chimney's and asks Ingrid Larson if she thinks Jill is a good mother, and Ingrid says yes she does.  Stan asks her if she knew about Jill and Anthony and Ingrid says she had her suspicions. 
Lucy Hamilton asks the operator to put her through to a number in America.  The phone rings and Lucy picks up the receiver.  "Hello Dad.  It's Lucy...Dad," she says.
*** End of Episode 2872 ***
Stan receives a phone call from Jill.  "What?  Jill!  Jill!" he shouts.  He puts the phone down and turns to Ingrid Larson.  "She's left me.  She's gone off with Anthony Mortimer and left me," he says.
Meg asks Kate how her job at the casino is going and Kate says she isn't working there any longer but she enjoyed it because she met up with some old friends.  "And Mr Moran's an old friend isn't he?" asks Meg.  "Yes," answers Kate. 
David shows Sharon Metcalfe and Jim Baines a telegram from Mr Ozzimoto saying that he has put his visit forward a week and is arriving tomorrow.  Sharon phones Slyvia McClusky to see if Stan Harvey is there, but Sylvia McClusky tells her that Stan is on a business trip with George McClusky and there is no way of getting in touch with him.
Tony Moran comes to the motel and asks Kate Hamilton to have dinner with him, and she accepts. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim that they will just have to cover for Stan when Mr Ozzimoto arrives.  Sharon tells Jim Baines that he will have to pretend he is Stan Harvey.  
Tony Moran drives Kate Hamilton home to the cottage and she asks him in for a coffee.  Tony tells Kate that he needs her.  "And I want you," he says.  "I'm sorry, I've embarrassed you.  Just say the word and I'll get out," he adds. "That kettle takes ages to boil," says Kate.  They kiss in the darkness.  They hear Lucy's voice as she comes downstairs.  "Don't move," says Tony.  Lucy comes into the sitting room and see's them together on the settee.  Tony gets up to leave and kisses Kate before he goes.  "Don't forget your milk Lucy," says Tony, and leaves.  "How could you.  I'm ashamed of you.  It's disgusting!" says Lucy.
*** End of Episode 2873 ***

1977 Episodes continued

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