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Carney telephones David Hunter with news of Maureen's death.  He says he will be a little late for his night duty at the motel.
Benny goes to the caravan and finds Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan. 
Kate Hamilton finds David in the sitting room and asks him if he would mind if she did some extra work at the casino as well as her job at the Motel.  She explains that Tony Moran needs someone to help him and as she knows the job she is the obvious choice.  David says he doesn't mind at all as long as she is sure she isn't taking on too much work. 
Kate telephones Lucy to tell her that she will be home late that evening as she is helping Tony Moran at the casino.  Lucy says Tony Moran probably had it all planned.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that Gocol are sending Mr Ozzimoto to inspect the garage and they are to give him the VIP treatment.  Jim says he is taking Muriel out to dinner and he suggests she brings Stan to make it a foursome.
David takes over from Jane Smith on reception duty and tells her that Carney phoned earlier.  "It's about Maureen, Benny's fiancee.  She died earlier in the evening.  I'm sorry," he says.  "I was half expecting it," says Jane, sadly. 
Seamus Flynn takes the news of Maureen death badly, blaming himself. 
Kate Hamilton takes Tony Moran into the motel sitting room and asks him if he had all this planned.  "If you think I play that sort of game you can forget it," he says and walks towards the door.  kate calls him back and tells him that she just had to make sure.
Ed Lawton tells Benny that he should come back to Heywood Farm.  Jane Smith tells Benny she is very sorry and hugs him.  "Don't be sorry.  Maureen is still with me.  I'll never lose her," says Benny, and leaves.  "On the wedding morning, what do you think it is Maureen wanted to tell Benny?" asks Carney.  "I don't know.  We never will.  And what's more important, nor will Benny," says Jane.
*** End of Episode 2870 ***
David asks Kate how her first evening at the casino went.  "I quite enjoyed it," she says.  She says the money will come in useful when her and Lucy find a place to live.  "The car has come in very useful," says Kate.  "Car?" asks David.  Kate explains that Tony Moran lent her a car.
Sharon Metcalfe phones Stan and asks him to come to dinner with her, Muriel and Jim Baines.  Stan says he would rather not.
Tony Moran goes to the motel and asks David where Kate is.  David directs him to the sitting room.  Meg, on reception duty with David, notices David's concerned expression and asks him what is wrong.  David tells her that Tony Moran has lent Kate a car.
In the sitting room Tony Moran and Kate Hamilton discuss the New Year arrangements.  Kate says she never thanked him properly for helping her when she and her husband split up.  Tony advances to kiss her but at that moment they are interupted by David Hunter.
Anthony Mortimer tells Meg that he spoke to Jill and offered to help but she said she wanted to sort things out by herself.
Sharon Metcalfe and Jim and Muriel Baines arrive at the motel for their meal.  Stan Harvey arrives unexpectedly and they all sit in reception for pre-dinner drinks.  Stan says he won't be eating with them, as he has already eaten and had a few drinks.
David apologises to Kate for interupting her and Tony Moran.  "It's alright David.  You weren't interupting anything," says Kate.  "I didn't want to embarrass you in any way," says David.
David takes over from Jane Smith at the reception desk and they hear Stan Harvey's raised voice.  David goes over to where Stan, Muriel, Jim and Sharon are sitting and he asks Stan how he is.  "Oh I'm fine...Well..." says Stan.  David offers to drive him home when he is ready.  "Yes you're probably right David," says Stan.

1977 Episodes continued

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