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Tony Moran, the owner of the casino in which Kate Hamilton used to work, arrives at the Motel looking for Kate.

Stan Harvey goes to the Motel and asks where Anthony Mortimer is.  He goes through to the office where he finds Anthony alone.  "Hello Stan," says Anthony.  Stan slams the door.  A short time later Stan walks into the Motel reception with a cut under his eye.  Meg asks him what happened and Stan makes some excuse about banging into a filing cabinet, before leaving the Motel hurriedly.
Sandy tells Meg that Stan was asking for Anthony Mortimer.  Meg leaves reception and goes through to the private wing.  On the way she meets Kate Hamilton ans tells her that Tony Moran was asking for her.
Meg goes into the office where she finds Anthony Mortimer nursing a cut lip.  "You of all people.  How could you let me go on talking to you, asking you for help," asks Meg.  Anthony maintains that Stan and Jill's relationship was on the slide long before he came along.  Anthony says Stan left Jill alone for long periods.  "While he did a days work," points out Meg.
Kate Hamilton meets Tony Moran in reception, and he asks her to have dinner with him, but Kate declines the invitation.  He drives Kate back to the cottage but when he meets Lucy he receives a cool reception.  Tony asks Kate how she comes to be living in the cottage and Kate tells him that the cottage actually belongs to Mrs Mortimer.  She explains that David Hunter wanted somewhere to live and he asked Kate and Lucy to live in as well.
Pat Grogan goes to see Maureen Flynn and tells her that he is going back to Liverpool in the morning.  He takes her by the arms and tells her that he loves her.  "And you feel the same way about me," he says and kisses her, but Maureen pulls away from him.
Stan returns home and tells Jill that he and Anthony had a bit of a punch up.  "It looks as if you're going to have the baby, so there's nothing much left for me is there?" says Stan.  "Well, what do we do?" asks Jill.  "We make it legal," says Stan.  "You mean you want a divorce?" asks Jill, and Stan says yes.  "Alright," agrees Jill.  "Is that all you can say.  We've been together 6 years and all I wanted was a faithful wife.  What is it I'm supposed to have done?  I go away for a month so I can pay for all we have," he says. 
Jill telephones Meg and Meg says she will come right over.  When Meg arrives at Chimney's she tells Jill that she was talking to Anthony Mortimer.  "Oh no," says Jill.  Jill tells Meg that Stan wants a divorce and she agreed.
Lucy tells her mother it's nice to have the cottage to themselves.  "Without David Hunter breathing down our necks," says Lucy.  "Lucy be quiet!  David's been a very good friend," says Kate.  "He's two faced," says Lucy.
Vera Downend keeps Stan Harvey company in the garage office.  She says she was talking to Jim Baines earlier and she doesn't think he has enough responsibility.  "Of course that's only my opinion, and you..." says Vera, then stops as she realises that Stan is sobbing.  "Stan what's wrong?" asks Vera, going to Stans side.  "It's alright.  I can't seem to..." he says and breaks down again.  "Go on, have a good cry," says Vera and comforts Stan. 
Lucy tells Kate that she can't help worrying about her because she loves her.  Kate says she wants to help but she can't if she doesn't know what's wrong.  "Oh Mum, I know everything's going to be alright.  Just like it was in the old days.  The three of us, just you, me and Dad," says Lucy and hugs her mother.
Stan tells Vera that he and Jill may be splitting up.  "This is all confidential.  We haven't broadcast it.  Chances are it won't come to divorce.  I only hope to God it doesn't," says Stan.
Maureen Flynn tells Seamus that the motel are putting on a reception for her and Benny.
Stan goes to see Sandy in the sitting room and Sandy notices that Stan is looking a bit rough.  Stan tells him that he slept in the car, and explains that he and Jill might be splitting up.  He tells Sandy that Jill had an affair whilst he was in working in Germany.
Maureen Flynn tells Carney that Seamus won't give her away at her wedding and she asks Carney if he would do it.  Carney says he would be glad to.  

1977 Episodes continued

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