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Stan Harvey tells Meg that he and Jill have invited Anthony Mortimer to dinner at Chimney's but B.J Thornton has called a meeting which he has to go to.  Stan phones Jill and tells her that he has to go to a meeting but that Anthony is on his way to the house. 

David discusses the restaurant takings with Meg and says it isn't paying its way.  He points out that Max Lorimer is costing them more than anyone else. 

Kate Hamilton arrives home and finds the flowers that Toni Ross bought her in a bucket on the floor.  Kate asks Lucy if she was rude to Toni and Lucy says she doesn't like Toni Ross coming to the cottage.  "She only came as an excuse to get into David's good books.  Everyone knows how fond you are of David," says Lucy.  "Lucy, there is nothing between David and me and there never will be.  Toni is a very nice person and I don't want her upset.  Do you hear," says Kate.  "Yes but..." begins Lucy.  "The subject is closed," says Kate firmly.

Anthony arrives at Chimney's and Jill tells him that Stan has had to go to an important business meeting with B.J. Thornton, and he will be back as soon as possible.

David and Meg ask Max Lorimer to come to the office and tell him that they can't afford to keep him on any longer.  Meg says she is sorry but she has to give him a month's notice.

Jill tells Anthony that she can't bring herself to sleep in the same room as Stan and she is sleeping in the spare room, using the sleeping pills as an excuse.  "He knows.  I know he does.  He's just waiting for me to tell him.  Perhaps that's the answer; perhaps he should be told," says Jill.  Anthony tells her that wouldn't be a good idea.  Stan arrives home.

Max Lorimer buys Jane Smith, Diane Parker and Vera Downend a drink and tells them that he is leaving.  He says he is going to London and he can't keep the boat so he asks Vera if she wants to buy the boat from him.  Vera says she doesn't want to buy the boat and that she is glad to be living on dry land.

Vera tells Diane that she has got to find someone to help in the men's hairdressing salon.  She says one of the hopefuls for the job has just phoned to turn down the job because he has been offered more money elsewhere.

Anthony Mortimer leaves Chimney's after having dinner with Stan and Jill.  Once he has gone Stan asks Jill how long she is going to sleep in the spare room.

Meg Mortimer comes out of the kitchen looking ill and Jane Smith notices. 

Sidney O'Neil comes to see Vera about the job as men's hairdresser. 

Diane tells Jane Smith and Vera that she went into the sitting toom and Mrs Mortimer nearly bit her head off.  "Better get David Hunter quickly," says Vera and goes to the phone. 

David Hunter goes into the sitting room and tells Meg that Vera phoned him.  "Go away David," says Meg.  At that moment there is a knock on the door and David answers it to Lynne Baxter.  He asks her to have a look at Meg.  Lynne puts her hand on Meg's forehead and takes her pulse.  She phones Doctor Butterworth.

Meg goes to see Doctor Butterworth at the surgery and he gives Meg a check up.  He asks Meg to keep a diary fo what she eats.

Benny asks Maureen Flynn to dinner.  Seamus Flynn invites himself.

Lynne Baxter asks David if he knows why Sandy has been ignoring her, but David says he doesn't know.

Seamus Flynn tells Benny to go to the pub to get some beer but Carney tells Seamus to go with Benny so that he can talk to Maureen alone.  When Benny and Seamus have gone Maureen apologises to Carney for Seamus's behaviour.  Carney tells Maureen that Benny thinks the world of her and he doesn't want to see him get hurt.

David Hunter tells Toni Ross about a play on at the theatre and asks her if she would like to go with him.  Toni accepts the invitation.

Benny asks Maureen Flynn to come to the Guy Fawkes bonfire with him.








1977 Episodes continued

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