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Benny goes to see Maureen and Seamus Flynn before they move on.
Jill takes some sleeping pills and tells Stan that perhaps she should sleep in the spare room so that she doesn't disturb him.  Stan says he saw Anthony Mortimer at the motel and Jill says she has seen him a few times.  Stan suggests they invite Anthony to dinner.
Benny offers Maureen Flynn some money for cleaning Carney's cottage, but she refuses it.  "Can't you see you're embarrassing the man by not taking it," says Seamus Flynn and snatches the money from Benny.  Seamus Flynn tells Benny that he fancies a beer but he would never get to the pub before closing time, but that Benny would.  Benny agress to go to the shop to buy some beer.  "Don't forget the money," says Maureen, taking one of the notes which Benny gave them.  Seamus Flynn pulls a face.
David returns to the cottage after taking Toni Ross back to the motel.  Lucy rushes to take his coat.  "It's alright, I'll do it," says David.  "Well I'm going up to bed," says Lucy.  "So am I," says Kate.  "Oh Mum there's no need.  You stay down here and relax," Lucy tells her, then goes upstairs.  David tells Kate that Toni asked him to thank her for the meal.  Kate says she is very tired and goes upstairs.
Seamus Flynn asks Benny how long he is staying in the area and Benny tells him he will stay until Carney is better.  Seamus asks Benny to help him to look after some animals.  "I'll pay you, not much, but there will be other compensations," says Seamus.  "What d'you mean?" asks Benny.  Seamus points to Maureen and Benny smiles.
The following morning during breakfast at the cottage David tells Kate that Toni really enjoyed the previous evening.  "Bully for her," says Lucy.  David looks at her.  "Didn't you enjoy the evening?  I thought Toni Ross is a very charming person," says David.  "I thought she was a bit obvious.  I'm sorry, I know she's your friend but if you really want to know, I didn't like her at all," says Lucy. 
Stan Harvey invites Anthony Mortimer to dinner at Chimney's.  Anthony tries to get out of it but Stan insists. 
Seamus Flynn tells Maureen to be nice to Benny because he could be useful to them.  Maureen tells him that she isn't going to lead Benny up the garden path so that he can take advantage.
Max Lorimer tells Vera and Diane that now he is living on the boat they can take over the lease on his flat.  Diane tells Vera that they would need to get a solicitor to make sure there is no catch.  She tells Vera that Max isn't that bad but Vera warns her not to fall into Max's trap again.
Toni Ross tells Meg that she is glad that Sandy and Lynne Baxter have become friends.  Toni says she is quite proud of herself because if it hadn't been for her Sandy and Lynne might not have got together.  Sandy hears about this from Jane Smith and he asks Jane exactly what Toni Ross said.  Jane tells him that Toni Ross wanted Lynne to stop him working so hard and to relax a little.  "That's all really," says Jane, and leaves the room.  "So that's all is it," says Sandy.
Vera Downend tells David Hunter and Meg that her and Diane will not be staying at the motel, and David asks her to give him their new address.  "You've already got it.  It's Max Lorimer's place," Vera tells him.  "I thought it was all over between Vera and Max," says David, puzzled. 
Anthony Mortimer phones Chimney's and Jill answers the phone.  Jill tells him that she can't talk now as Stan and Ingrid are there.
Diane goes into the office and asks David to call Mrs Mortimer because Max Lorimer is causing trouble in the kitchen.  David says Vera told him that she was moving into Max Lorimer's flat and Diane tells David that she is moving in there too.  David is puzzled and Diane explains that her and Vera are moving into Max's flat but that Max is moving out. and living in the boat.
David and Sandy relax in the sitting room and David says everyone must be talking about him and Toni Ross.  "Gossip bounces off the walls in this place.  Just because I took Toni to dinner once they've already got us engaged, married and sueing for divorce," laughs David.  "They must be talking about you and Lynne too," says David.  Sandy says he would rather not talk about it. 
Seamus Flynn invites himself to dinner at Carney's home but Benny tells him that there is not enough for him.  Seamus tells Benny to go and get some more food from the shops.
David tells Meg that he thought Sandy liked Lynne Baxter but the way he was talking earlier he made it sound as though Lynne meant nothing to him.
Lynne Baxter finds Sandy working in the office and finds him rather distant.
Seamus Flynn tries to be nice to Carney but Carney says he can see right through his little act.  Carney warns Seamus about trying to take advantage of Benny's good nature.
Toni Ross arrives at the cottage with flowers for Kate Hamilton.  Lucy answers the door and tells Toni that her mother isn't in.  Toni gives Lucy the flowers and asks Lucy if she would put them in water.  "I'll put them in water when you've gone," says Lucy, coolly.
Meg Mortimer congratulates Max Lorimer on his engagement.  Max asks her what she means because he isn't engaged.  "Then who is Gloria?" asks Meg.  "Gloria.  I don't know anyone called Gloria," says Max.
Toni Ross tells Kate Hamilton that she went to the cottage earlier and left some flowers for her.  She asks Kate if she has done anything to upset Lucy because she was a bit off with her.

1977 Episodes continued

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