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Stan Harvey talks to Mr Thomas the second hand car dealer, and afterwards he tells Jim Baines that the deal is his if he can get hold of 10,000.
Jane Smith tells Howard Coates that she noticed he had taken the photo of his brother off his dressing table.  Howard gives her the photo and tells her she can have it, but Jane says he should keep it as a souvenir of his brother.  "It's just an image of him.  Thou shalt not worship graven images," he says, and slowly tears the photo of his brother in pieces.  He gives the pieces to Jane and aks her to throw them away.
Archie Gibbs and Carney go to see Bill Warren at home and Archie tells Bill that Carney knows everything.  Carney advises them to go to the motel and tell the truth, but Bill says he has to lie in order to save the motel's reputation.
Sandy asks Howard Coates if he could try and find out which record David Hunter would like because he would like to buy it for him for his next birthday.  Howard thanks Sandy for being so kind and says everyone has been very kind, especially Jane.  "Have you heard from your brother lately?" asks Sandy.
Benny goes to see Josie Welch.  "I don't want any trouble," says Josie.  "Well don't cause any," says Benny.  Josie tells him that Ginger will be back soon and he's an expert at karate.  At that moment there is a knock at the door and Josie opens it to Ginger Parsons.  Josie tells him that Benny is threatening her but Benny says he is only helping her to move out.  Josie encourages Ginger and Benny rolls up his sleeves.  "Come on Ginger.  Let's see what you can do," says Benny.  "Go on Ginger.  Hit him," says Josie.  "Forget it," says Ginger and pushes Josie away. 
Sandy asks Jane to asks Howard Coates about his brother because when he spoke to him earlier Howard said he had seen his brother recently. 
Josie threatens to go to the police but Benny says he will tell them that she has been drawing social security whilst working.  "You wouldn't.  Benny, we meant a lot to each other once," says Josie, sobbing a little.  "I know Gingers no good and I'm well rid of him.  Let's just sit down and talk like two grown ups," she says.  "Just pack your bags and get out!" shouts Benny.
Jane Smith tells Avis about Howard Coates tearing up the picture of his brother.  She says the picture was printed in a newspaper about five or six years ago and there is a telephone number on the back of the photo, so she is going to try and get another photo for Howard Coates.
Benny telephones Heywood Farm and tells Ed Lawton that he has got Josie and Ginger out of Clover Hawkin's house. 
Jane Smith tries phoning the number from the back of the photo but has no luck.  She phones the operator and asks for the number but the operator tells her that the newspaper closed down ten years ago.  "Mr Coates said his brother is fourteen now.  He's got to be at least twenty-four," Jane tells Avis.  Avis tells Jane that there must be some mistake.  Jane tells Avis that Howard Coates told her that his brother was dead but then told Sandy and Avis that he wasn't.
Diane goes to see Mrs Burrell in her caravan and tells her that Clover Hawkin's house is empty so she can move in whenever she wants.
Archie Gibbs tells Bill Warrent that he is sticking to his story but Bill says he is thinking about Mr Hunter and Mrs Mortimer.  Bill says he is going to tell Mr Hunter that he doesn't know anything about a bottle of scotch.  "It's my word against yours," Bill tells Archie.
Mrs Burrell tells Benny that she won't be able to move into the house for at least another three months.  Benny tells her that Clover Hawkins won't want to stay in the home for that long, and that he wanted to buy Diane a ticket to go to America.  Mrs Burrell promises that they will come up with something. 
Bill Warren goes to the motel and prepares to see David Hunter.  Avis see's him in reception and asks him if he feels better.  Bill says he is going to face David Hunter like a man, but Avis tells him it's Mr Hunter's day off and he left a message that he would like to see Bill at nine o'clock tomorrow morning.

1977 Episodes continued

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