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Rosemary goes to the office and David tells her that Meg said she was very rude to Hugh.  He tells her to apologise to Meg but Rosemary laughs and says Meg has brought it on herself. 

Lisa Scott tells Clive that Carney is right and he should go and see Vera before he leaves.  Clive promises to go and see her the next day.

David brings Rosemary into the office and sits her down.  He tries to tempt her with lunch but she says she knows he is only trying to soften her up.  David says he only wants to talk about the future.  "Future?" asks Rosemary.  "Well things are a bit strained between Meg and I, and sooner or later they're going to snap," says David.  "You mean you'll have to leave?" asks Rosemary.  "I was thinking of Guernsey.  Uncle Phil needs a bit of modern management.  He is a bit old fashioned," says David.  "Guernsey.  I haven't been to Guernsey for ages," says Rosemary.  "Of course the business will be a lot smaller than this one, and my annual income will have to drop.  That means I won't be able to pay you as much alimony," says David.  "Oh," says Rosemary.  "You're letting your tea get cold," says David.  "What is it you want me to tell Meg?" asks Rosemary.

Mrs Burrell tells Ed Lawton that Benny has a house he doesn't need and she has a caravan so they might be able to come to some sort of arrangement.

Clive Merrow goes to see Vera on her boat and gives her a plant.  He promises to come and visit her often.

David tells Meg that he has spoken to Rosemary and she is willing to make her peace with her.  "I'm sure between you, you can patch this up," he says.  "I hope you're right," says Meg.

Jim Baines and Stan Harvey go to a second hand car auction.

Benny receives a phone call from Josie Welch to say that Clover Hawkins is prepared to go into a home.  Ed Lawton tells Benny that it will mean that Clover Hawkin's house will be empty.  Mrs Burrell suggest to Benny that she buys the house from him and he buys her caravan so that Clover Hawkins can live in the caravan on Heywood Farm.  Benny says he will talk to his gran about it.

Mr Walton tells Jim Baines that he has almost certainly sold the second hand car which Jim and Stan bought at the auction.

Rosemary Hunter goes to the office to speak to Meg and says it was silly of her to get involved.  However things between the two women soon turn bitter once more.  Rosemary tells Meg that she enjoys owning a higher percentage of shares than David.  Meg says she has had enough and opens the door for Rosemary to leave.  David comes into the office at that moment.  "I thought we'd have a drink to celebrate your.....new...understanding..." he says then realises that the two women haven't made their peace at all.

Stan tells Jill that if they are going to make the second hand car business work they need to buy as many second hand cars as they can and do them up ready to sell.  He says they need about 5,000 but he doesn't know where he is going to get the money from.  Jill says he will have to borrow it from the bank.  Jill goes to pick Sarah Jane up from nursery and leaves Stan to drink his coffee in reception.  David comes into reception and sits down with Stan.  "What's the problem?" asks Stan, seeing that David has something on his mind.  "Women," says David.  "Oh I'm only concerned with one woman," says Stan.  "Yes, you're lucky.  I've got two on my mind at the moment," says David.  






1977 Episodes continued

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