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Meanwhile, in the office Rosemary tells Meg that she has behaved very unfairly towards David and never lets David have a say in the motels affairs.  She says Hugh Mortimer interfered so why shouldn't she.  "Hugh is my husband.  And he is joint owner.  And the fact remains that you and David are no longer man and wife," points out Meg.  Rosemary walks to the door but then stops.  "But what if I was his wife.  That would alter everything wouldn't it.  What if David and I were to get married again," she says and opens the door to leave.  She turns back to Meg.  "If I were you I'd start thinking about that now," says Rosemary, and leaves.
Carney visits Vera on her boat.  Carney hears footsteps on the tow-path leading to Vera's boat, and Vera opens the door.  Constance Merrow walks into the boat and asks Vera where Clive is.  Vera tells her that Clive isn't living on the boat anymore.  Constance asks Vera for Clive's address and Vera gives it to her, but she doesn't mention that Clive is living in the same house as Lisa Scott. 
Later, Constance Merrow books into the motel.  She see's Carney and stops to talk to him.  She tells him that she will be going to see Clive the next day.  "They'll be glad to see you," says Carney.  "They?  Is he living with another university student then?" asks Constance.  "No, but she's a nice lass," says Carney.
Mrs Walton phones Mr Walton at the garage and tells him that she has run out of housekeeping money.  He tells her to come to the garage and he'll give her some money.
Constance Merrow goes to see Vera and tells her that she is very angry.  She says she never mentioned that Clive was living with a girl.
Stan and Jill return to the motel following an appointment with their bank manager.  They have drinks in the bar with Mr and Mrs Walton and he asks how they got on at the bank.  Stan says the bank manager didn't exactly jump at the idea but he didn't turn them down either.  Later, when they are alone Mr Walton tells his wife that if he could get 5,000 he could get in on the second hand car partnership.
Jill tells Meg about the money Stan needs for the second hand car business, and Meg offers to lend him the money.  Jill says Stan wouldn't like it.  Meg asks Jill if she thinks David would re-marry.  "David?  Who would he marry?" asks Jill.  "I said re-marry.  You've seen him and Rosemary together.  They still seem very close," says Meg. 
Vera tries to persuade Jane Smith to change her hairstyle, but Jane says she is happy with it the way it is.  Rosemary Hunter comes to the desk and books an appointment with Vera to have her hair done.  "I was thinking of trying something new for my husband," says Rosemary.  "Your husband?" asks Jane.  "Oh how silly of me.  A slip of the tongue.  I meant Mr Hunter," says Rosemary.
Benny and Diane go to Clover Hawkins house to take her to the home she is moving into.  Diane asks Josie what she is going to do now that she hasn't got a job looking after Clover Hawkins, and Josie tells her that Benny said she could stay on a while longer. 
Mr Walton goes to see Stan in the garage office and tells him that he can get 5,000.
Jill books a hair appointment with Vera and Vera tells her and Meg about rhe strange way in which Rosemary Hunter referred to David as her husband.  "As if they were still married," she says.  Meg looks worriedly at Jill.
Benny takes Clover Hawkins into the home and she tells him that if she doesn't like it she will leave.  Benny asks her to give it a try.  "Alright, I'll be civil to them if they're civil to me," says Clover.  Benny kisses his gran.  "See you in a few days," he says and goes to the door.  "But don't expect to find me here if I don't like it," says Clover Hawkins. 
Jane Smith takes Jill some coffee in the sitting room.  Jill asks Jane Smith if she has seen Rosemary Hunter's new hairstyle.  Jane says she has but it doesn't look much different.  "She's doing it just to impress David.  Mum was saying that Rosemary and David might get re-married," says Jill.  David walks up behind Jill and Jane shushes Jill.  "Oh hello David," says Jill, flustered.  "Please go on with what you were saying," says David.  Jane leaves and Jill tells David that they were just talking about a film they saw last night.  "You didn't happen to see it did you?" asks Jill.  Jill says it was about a divorced couple who got re-married.  "The answer to the question you haven't yet asked me is no.  Rosemary and I have no intention of getting married again," says David. 
Rosemary Hunter comes into the room at that moment and sits down.  "Shall I pour your coffee darling.  I know how you like it," she says, beginning to pour the coffee into the cups.  "You know it's funny.  This seems to be getting to be quite a routine.  Oh David.." says Rosemary, as she begins to fiddle with his trouser leg.  "What happened to your crease.  Leave them with me and I'll put a crease in them with my portable iron," says Rosemary.  David looks at Jill.  "Would you like some coffee Jill," he asks.  "No thank you.  I don't want to spoil your routine," says Jill and leaves hurriedly.

1977 Episodes continued

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