1977 Episodes ... continued

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Rosemary joins David in the office and he tells her that her idea of buying shares in the motel is not a good one.  Rosemary says he needs someone to take his side.  "Look I don't want to play a game of office politics.  The answers no," says David firmly.
Clive Merrow tells Vera that he is moving into Lisa's bedsit.
Rosemary Hunter joins Meg and Sandy in the office and says she was going to talk to them about buying shares in the motel.  "David says he'll think it over," says Rosemary.  "Oh did he," says Meg.  Rosemary leaves.  Sandy says they only have Rosemary's side of the story. 
Later, Meg asks David to come to the office.  "What's going on?" he asks.  "I was hoping you'd tell me that," says Meg.  Meg says Rosemary has caused nothing but trouble since she arrived.  "You were going to make her a co-director without even discussing it with me first.  You had no right!" shouts Meg.  "I had every right!" David shouts back.  "I don't need your permission to talk to my wife," he adds.  "Aren't you forgetting something," says Meg.  "Alright.  My ex-wife.  You know what I mean.  Anyway you behaved in much the same way with Hugh.  Why shouldn't I follow your example," says David.
*** End of Episode 2674 ***
The following morning Rosemary goes to see Meg and says David told her about the mix-up she caused.  Rosemary says she had already spoken to David about it and he had said no.  Rosemary apologises.
B.J. Thornton arrives at the motel and sits down in the reception foyer with Jill.  He gives her a book on fashion and tells her that a famous fashion designer, Piertro Amarelli is a friend of his.  He suggests they go to Rome for a weekend but Jill says she will have to think about it.  She says Meg and Stan already think she spends too much time with him.  Later, Jill asks Meg's advice and Meg warns her to be careful of Thornton because he is devious.
Mrs Ash goes to see Josie Welch and says that she is a friend of Ed Lawton's and she has come to see Clover Hawkins.  She says Clover Hawkins has heard Josie downstairs with a man.  Josie denies it but Mrs Ash says if she finds a man in the house she will tell Ed Lawton straight away.
Jill goes to see Stan in the garage and tells him about B.J. Thornton inviting her to Rome.  "I'll kill him," says Stan.
Vera returns to her boat and suggests to Clive that he invites Lisa Scott to dinner so that she can get to know her.  Vera invites Gus and Carney to dinner. 
Benny and Diane go to visit Clover Hawkins and find Mrs Ash there.  Mrs Ash tells them that Clover Hawkins is sure that Josie has been entertaining men in her house. 
Rosemary helps David in the office.  He says Meg said no to her idea about buying shares, but Rosemary says he can still sell his shares and Meg can't stop him.  David says he doesn't want to do anything that Meg doesn't agree with.   
Mrs Ash, Benny and Diane leave Josie alone in the house with Clover Hawkins.  As soon as they have gone Josie dims the lights, gets out a bottle of drink, puts on a record, sprays some perfume and waits. 
Vera, Clive and Lisa have dinner on Vera's boat.   

1977 Episodes continued

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