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David and Meg discuss business in the office and Rosemary comes in and begins talking about David's plans for a new secretary.  "New secretary?" asks Meg.  Rosemary says David works so hard that he needs someone.  "I had no idea you were looking for a secretary of your own," says Meg.
Clive Merrow tells Vera that she shouldn't have embarrassed him infront of Lisa Scott.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't realise she was so special," says Vera.
In the office David asks Rosemary not to stir up trouble.  "Alright I'll leave it up to you," says Rosemary and kisses him on the cheek before leaving.
Benny and Josie Welch return from visiting Clover Hawkins.  Benny tells Ed Lawton and Diane that Tom Read is going to pay Josie's wages.
Jim Baines tells Stan that he saw B.J. Thornton leave his cigar case at the bar on purpose.  At that moment B.J. Thornton and Jill come into the motel and book a table for two.  Stan goes over to them and Thornton asks him if he is free for dinner, but Stan says no.  "Well at least you know she's in good hands," says Thornton.  
A Welsh lady named Mrs Burrell knocks on the door to Heywood Farm and asks Diane for directions to Brinkley Farm because she heard that she might be able to put her caravan on the farm grounds.  Diane says she will ask her uncle Ed Lawton if she can put her caravan on Heywood Farm.
Clive Merrow takes Lisa Scott back to Vera's boat and tells her that Vera is his real mother and that he was adopted. 
Diane asks Ed Lawton if Mrs Burrell can put her caravan on the farm but Ed says the answer is no.
Clive Merrow asks Lisa Scott about the room next to her which he could stay in whilst he is at university.  "So, would you like to move in with me?" asks Lisa.
Stan tells Jill that B.J. Thornton left his cigar case at the motel on purpose so that he could be alone with her.  Jill says she guessed but he needn'yt worry because nothing happened.
Sandy asks David if it's true that Rosemary is going to get him a secretary.  David says she suggested it but he told her to forget it.  David tells Sandy that his car has been in the garage twice and it's in again.  He says the garage think it's the dynamo.  "I think it's a short circuit," says David.  Stan Harvey comes into the office and tells David that it's a tiny fault that will right itself. "Could it be a short circuit?" suggests Sandy.  Stan laughs.  "You stick to your work and let me do mine," he says.  "A short circuit!" he laughs at himself as he leaves.
A short time later David receives a phone call from the garage and Stan tells him that they will have to keep his car for a little while longer.  A couple of minutes later Stan phones again and tells David that they have found out what's wrong with his car.  "What was it?" asks David.  "A what...?  Oh a short circuit!" says David and laughs.
Stan tells Jill that he told her to be nice to B.J.Thornton.  "And now looks what's happened," he says.  "Let's forget about him.  he's gone now," says Jill.  "For now he has, but he'll be back," says Stan.
Gus Harmon goes to see Vera on her boat and she tells him that David Hunter gave her a note from Clive saying that he was with Lisa Scott and he might be back late.  She says he might have had an accident on Lisa's motorbike.  "If there was an accident you'd have heard about it," says Gus, trying to comfort her.  "Yes.  No...I wouldn't.  I'm not the next of kin," says Vera.
Benny asks Diane about Mrs Burrell.  He says if her caravan is comfortable enough for her it might be comfortable enough for Clover Hawkins.
Clive Merrow arrives back on the boat with Lisa Scott and apologises for being late.

1977 Episodes continued

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