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Sandy tells Jane that she must stop blaming herself for Glenda's disappearance.  Jane says she has contacted every organisation in London that she can think of that could possible help to find Glenda.

Wendy Prince asks Rex Oliver to do her hair again but Rex tells her that he is not allowed to do hair appointments in guests chalets. 

Meg and Sandy discuss the proposal to convert the cellar into a disco.  "You know, four years ago David was the one who suggested we convert the cellar into a disco but after a lot of discussion we forgot about the idea," says Meg.    Hugh joins them and asks them both to dinner that evening.  He says he will invite Anthony and David as well.  Meg warns Sandy that if the subject of disco's comes up at dinner he is to change the subject. 

Hilary Maddox returns to the flat she shares with Eileen and tells her that her patient, Mickey Brookes, is out of danger.  Hilary says she is going to phone Bob and Eileen tells her that Bob came round earlier and she told him that they didn't want to see him again. 

Rex Oliver goes to Wendy Prince's chalet and they kiss.  Sir Hector Prince comes in and interupts them.  Rex stares at Sir Hector, opened mouthed.  "You wanted to say something?  No matter.  It'll come back to you in court," says Sir Hector.  "That's right.  I'm taking you to court and I won't be paying a penny.  He will," Sir Hector tells Wendy.  He says he has wanted to divorce Wendy for some time and now he has all the evidence he needs.

Jane Smith is on duty at the reception desk when she receives a telephone call from Glenda, who asks her if all the panic is over.  Jane asks her for her phone number so that she can call her back.  The pips go as Glenda is giving Jane a London phone number, and before she can give her the last digit they are cut off.  "Oh no!" says Jane.  Jeff Gilbert tells Jane that the last digit can be number 0 through 9.  "So all you have to do is try from 5 to one and then if you haven't had any luck then try the numbers 6 to 9," he advises.  Jane tries a number and gets through to Glenda first time.  Glenda tells Jane that she wants to come home.

Rex Oliver goes to see Wendy Prince and gives her back the cuff links and tie pin.  "But I didn't give you these," says Wendy Prince.  "If you didn't give them to me then who did.  Oh Sir Hector, of course.  What a set-up," says Rex.  "No, not Sir Hector.  I was right first time.  You've been playing around," says Wendy.

Bob Powell goes to the motel to see David and asks him if he has heard anything from Hilary and Eileen.  Eileen Blythe comes into the office at that moment and without noticing Bob she tells David that Mickey Brookes is out of danger.  "And no thanks to B...oh Bob," she says and stops when she see's Bob.  "And on that happy note I shall leave you," says Bob and leaves.

Jane tells Vera that Glenda Brownlowe is coming home and she ought to tell her parents.  Vera says it's best to get Glenda here first before calling Mr and Mrs Brownlowe.

Eileen Blythe tells David that she is going to stay with her parents fro a while.  David says he will call round to her flat and tells Hilary to save her the trip.

Sir Hector Prince goes to see Meg and collects his bill.  He tells her that the motel's conference room would make an ideal setting for his conference.  He tells Meg that the motel will be hearing from his solicitor about his divorce on the grounds of adultery committed on the motel premises. 

Meg tells Hugh about Sir Hector Prince sueing the motel for adultery committed by Wendy Prince on the motel premises.  "There's only one word for it.  Blackmail or bribery," she says. 




1976 Episodes continued

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