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On Vera's boat, Rex Oliver tries to kiss Vera.  "Rex, I thought we came to talk business," says Vera.  "Vera I admire you and I'm obviously attracted to you," says Rex.  Soon after Rex leaves.  Vera finds Glenda Brownlowe sitting on the doorstep.  Glenda tells her that Mrs Witton accused her of stealing her ring and she could cause enough trouble to cost her her job.

By the following day the news has travelled around the motel about Mrs Witton's missing ring.  Mrs Witton goes to the staff room and asks Annie Farrant and Nora Bowen if they have seen her ring, but they say no.  "No, no one's seen it.  Except the thief and we all know who she is don't we," says Mrs Witton.  "No, we don't," says Jane Smith.

At Meg and Hugh's cottage, Jill and Stan pack up their belongings ready to move into their house.

Nora Bowen and Annie Farrant clean the office, and Nora reads the crumpled letters in David's waste paper basket.  "What you doing that for?" asks Annie.  "Curiosity," says Nora.  "You know what curiosity did," says Annie.  "No what?" asks Nora.  "Killed the cat," replies Annie.  "What cat?" asks Nora.  "Oh forget it," says Annie.

Rex Oliver tells Vera that the men's side of the hairdressing salon isn't going very well and he thinks they should concentrate on doing women's hair only.  "Yes, I bet that would please you," says Vera.  "But Mrs Mortimer only agreed to take on the salon if it went unisex," points out Rex.  Rex suggests they take on a junior and Vera tells him to talk to the management about it.

In reception Nora Bowen kneels to clean up some mess on the floor.  David walks up to her.  Nora notices some feet and looks up, then gets to her feet.  "I thought you were supposed to be out of her by eight," says David.  "Yes, Mr Hunter.  Sorry sir," says Annie.  David walks away.  "Doesn't it make you sick," says Nora.  Annie looks at her.  "You two.  Apologising all the time.  You've fallen head over heals for old Hunter ain't you," says Nora.  "Oh don't be stupid," says Annie.

David goes into the salon and Rex Oliver asks him about employing a junior to help out with the man's side whilst he concentrates on the women.  "But I thought you were a specialist in men's hairstyling," says David.  "Yes, well it's not going quite as I planned.  Anyway I prefer doing ladies hair anyway," says Rex.  "Do you just prefer it or are you prejudiced?  Then perhaps you can give me a trim," says David.  He takes off his jacket and loosens his tie.  Vera wraps a protective overall around David and sits him down.  "Why don't you let me do it.  I'm sure Mister Hunter would like a cup of coffee Rex.  White without sugar isn't it" says Vera.

Sandy gives Stephanie Colby the bill for Mrs Addy's party. 

Jane Smith asks Sandy if she can have a word with him about Glenda.  Mrs Witton overhears and asks Jane why she wants to see Sandy.  Jane tells her that she is going to ask Sandy if he can take Glenda on full time.  "I'm warning you.  If I hear Glenda has been taken on full time I'll go into Sandy myself and lodge a complaint," warns Mrs Witton.

Doctor Hilary Maddox goes into the office to speak to Meg but instead finds David.  David tells her that Bob turned down Eileen Blythe's dinner invitation but both he and Bob would like Eileen and Hilary to be their guests for dinner.

Hilary Maddox meets Bob Powell in reception and tells him that she has just been speaking to David and he has invited her, Bob and Eileen to dinner.  Bob says he is looking forward to it.  "I like a good fight," he grins. 

Mrs Addy finds her self still alive following her prediction of her own death.  She tells Stephanie Colby that she made a mistake but she can't explain it.  She insists that her crystal ball is never wrong.  Stephanie tells her that Faye dropped her crystal ball and replaced it with another one.  "That explains it all.  The crystal ball has got to get used to me," says Mrs Addy.

Jane Smith talks to Sandy about Glenda and says all she needs is a steady job.  "She's a good sort in spite of what anyone else says," says Jane.

Vera Downend finds Mrs Witton in the staff room and says she knows she has been treating Glenda badly.  She advises Mrs Witton to keep her mouth shut and an open mind until she has got proof that Glenda took her ring.

Stephanie Colby collects some donations from members of staff for a member of staff who is leaving.  Mrs Witton gives some money and Glenda looks in her purse and gives some money.  Mrs Witton follows Glenda into the staff locker room.  "I couldn't help noticing that ten pound note you had in your purse.  Explain that then," says Mrs Witton.  "If you must know I got a letter today with a ten pound note in it," says Glenda.  "Oh sure," says Mrs Witton.  "Where else would I get it from.  The pawn shop where I sold your stupid ring," says Glenda, sarcastically.

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