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Josie Welch creeps into Heywood Farm late one morning and Diane catches her.  Josie explains that she went to the dance last night.  "Yes I did notice the dress was missing," says Diane.  Josie hands her a crumpled dress belonging to Diane.
Lia Hua asks Sheila Mollison for her bill.  "Mr Hunter usually deals with it," says Sheila.  "I don't want him too.  I am leaving now," says Lia.
Meg finds David in the sitting room and tells him that Hugh is well enough to go to Australia.  "David, is there something wrong?" she asks.  "I've had a bit of a shock," says David, and tells her that Lia knows what happened in Malaysia and called him a murderer.  "But you know the truth.  I'll go and find her," says Meg and hurries out.
John Farnham goes home to his rooms in the lodging house and finds Lia there.  She tells him that she has taken the vacant room in the same lodging house.  John asks her why she left the motel.  "I hate him," shoust Lia.  "Hold me John.  I need you so much," she says, falling into his arms.
Bill Warrens boss, Mr Murray, arrives at the motel and meets Sandy who introduces himself as Mrs Mortimer's son.  "I never knew Mrs Mortimer had two sons.  I know your brother since he's on my staff," says Mr Murray. 
David asks Carney what he told Lia.  "You didn't tell her the truth.  What I told you when I had had a drink too many after my regimental meeting?" asks David.  Carney says he thought Lia knew.
Meg inspects the new bar and meets Mr Murray who says he is glad that her and her son are getting on much better.  This leaves Meg very puzzled.
Josie Welch runs into the farmhouse kitchen and tells Ed Lawton, Benny and Diane that John Sackville's horses have trampled the new crop they have just sewn.
Mr Murray invites Meg, Bill and Sandy to dinner and Mr Murray refers to Meg's elder son.  "My who?" asks Meg.  "I'm afraid I don't quite understand," says Meg, taking a sip of her drink.  "I think he means me mother darling," says Bill.  Meg spits out her drink in disbelief.
Ed Lawton blames Benny for leaving the gate open but Benny brings in the rope which he tied the gate closed with.  "Look, it's still tied," he says.
Mrs Witton gives Mr Murray his bill.  Mr Murray remarks that Sandy looks like his mother but Bill doesn't.  "I suppose he must take after his father, because he doesn't look at all like his mother," he says.  "I shouldn't think so, having never met her," says Mrs Witton.  "What?" asks Mr Murray.  "Well, he's not Mrs Mortimer's son.  In fact she doesn't even like him," says Mrs Witton.
John Farnham suggests to Lia that they go to the motel for a drink but Lia refuses.  John tells her that she will have to face David sometime.  "I never want to see him again, do you hear," she shouts and runs out of the room.
Bill Warren has been sacked.

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