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Josie Welch dances around the farm kitchen with a broom whilst Benny watches, laughing.  She takes him by the hand and dances with him.  She rests her hand on his chest.  "Don't," says Benny, pushing her away.  "What are you trying to do," he says.  "You know what's the trouble with you, Benny boy.  You're stark raving bonkers," says Josie.
*** End of Episode 2506 ***
David relaxes off duty in his flat at the motel.  Lia knocks on the door and enters.  She sits beside him on the sofa, and tells David that she has found a room near the hospital.  David asks what it is like and Lia says it's small but it will do.  They talk about the years Lia spent growing up at the convent.  "All those dresses you sent me," she says.  "You must have grown out of them ages ago," laughs David.  "They were lovely.  And all the toys.  You know I still have them all, says Lia.  "David, why did you keep sending me cheques even after I'd left the convent?" she asks.  "I wanted you to have everything," answers David.  "It's your birthday soon.  May the fifth.  I want you to stay on at the motel until May.  I'll pay and we'll celebrate together," he says.  "But that's over a month away," says Lia.  "It would make me very happy if you stayed," says David.  "Oh David.  You must be the kindest man in the world," says Lia.
Bill Warren goes to the office and tells Meg that he wanted to see her about stocking up the bar.  "You'd better see Mr Hunter about that," says Meg.  Bill places a box of chocolates on the desk in front of Meg.  Meg says she heard that he was running a campaign to get into her good books.  She gives him the box of chocolates back and tells him that they won't get him anywhere. 
Sheila takes a telephone call for Bill from his boss Mr Murray.  Bill gestures to Sheila to tell Mr Murray that he is unavailable.  "You're scared of him aren't you?" says Sheila after putting the phone down.  Bill rushes off.
Lia comes into the motel late one night after her shift at the hospital and Carney, who is on night duty, takes her into the staff room for a cup of tea.  They talk about David Hunter and Lia says David has been very kind.  "He's trying to make up for what he did.  He doesn't know if you'll forgive him," says Carney.  "What would I have to forgive him for?" asks Lia.  "I was a soldier too.  I killed.  I say let sleeping dogs lie," says Carney.  "But we are not talking about dogs.  We're talking about people.  I think I know what it is," says Lia, and rushes out. 
The following morning Lia finds David in the sitting room.  "Hello," he says but Lia doesn't answer.  "What's wrong?  Are you ill?" asks David.  "No.  I couldn't sleep last night.  I talked to Carney.  I know why you lied to me.  All the things you did for me.  It was all to ease your conscience," says Lia.  "Lia, sit down," pleads David.  "With you.  The man who killed my mother and father," says Lia.  David looks down at the floor.  Lia turns to leave.  "You can't deny it," she says. 
David walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, but she shakes it off.  "All the time you made me think you were my benefactor.  David Hunter or a murderer.  You had no right to use me!" shouts Lia.  "It was guilt that made me look after you," says David.  "You didn't really want to know me, did you?  When you came into my chalet when I was ill, and I touched you, you were embarrassed," she cries.  "Lia.  It was my duty to eliminate any villages," says David.  "Where did you find me?" asks Lia.  "You were in your mother's arms," answers David.  "And she was dead," sobs Lia.  "There was no identity parade.  We were ordered to shoot," says David.  "David Hunter, the man who made me an orphan.  Thank you for telling me after all these years," she sobs and runs out of the room.

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