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Kate Hamilton tells Lucy that she will have to leave the motel if she is going to pay David back the 3000 he gave to Rick, and they will probably have to leave the cottage too.  "There's only one solution," says Kate.  "Oh no, not Tony Moran's flat," groans Lucy.
Kate phones Tony Moran and asks him if he would come to the cottage.
David gives Meg a large arrangement of flowers which she guesses are from Philip Warner Blyth.
Tony Moran arrives at the cottage and Kate tells him that Rick has left with 3000 belonging to David Hunter.  She asks him if she could have her job back at the casino and live in the flat which goes with the job.  Tony says yes.  "So what do we do.  Start where we left off," says Tony.  "No, that's not the idea," Kate tells him.  She says she is going to pay David back every penny of that 3,000.  "Does he mean that much to you?" asks Tony.  "Yes, he does," says Kate.  "Hunter will never let you pay," says Tony.  He offers to pay the money back for her, but Kate says that doesn't solve anything.  Kate makes it quite clear that when she starts working at the casino it will be strickly business.
The next morning Kate joins David in the office and tells him that she has to leave if she is to earn the money to pay him back.  David says she and Lucy can still stay at the cottage but Kate says the flat goes with the job at the casino.  "I don't want to lose you, neither does Meg," says David.  "I suppose Tony Moran welcomed you with open arms," David adds.  "The arms were open but I didn't step into them," says Kate.
Jane Smith takes Sharon Metcalfe her coffee and asks her if she could take Muriel Baines her shopping on her way home tonight because she is working late.  Victor Lee comes into the garage office and Jane hurries to the door.  "I was just going," she says.  Sharon tells him that they were just talking about Muriel Baines, and Victor tells Jane there is no need for her to hurry away.
Sharon receives a phone call from a man whose car is in the garage for repair, and who was promised delivery of his car by three o'clock this afternoon.  "And it is now half past," Sharon says.  Victor Lee asks Sharon to deliver the car to the customer.
Tony Moran comes to the motel office looking for Kate Hamilton, but finds David Hunter in the office alone.  David asks Tony if he knew Rick Hamilton very well.  "Why did you advise me to go into this deal with Rick if you knew it was a gamble?" David asks him.  Tony says it might have turned out well.  "So you end up with Kate, and I'm minus a secretary and 3000 into the bargain.  Who do you think came out of it best?" says David.  "I don't end up with Kate, and that 3000 will come back to you,"says Tony.  Tony tells David that he offered to pay back the money, but Kate wouldn't hear of it.  "She's got a loyalty to you that I'd give my right arm for.  She'd rather owe you than me," says Tony.
Sharon Metcalfe telephones Victor Lee from a call box and tells him that she has delivered the customers car and asks him if it would be alright if she went straight home rather than come back to the garage.  Sharon asks him if Jane Smith has phoned to ask her to take Muriel Baines her shopping and Victor Lee says no.
Kate Hamilton interupts David and Tony Moran talking in the office, and David leaves.  "Is everything alright between you and David?" Kate asks Tony. "I just offered to pay him the money but he wouldn't accept it," Tony tells her.  "You know I don't think it's the money that's worrying him, it's lsing you," he adds.  "What?" asks Kate.  "A secretary," says Tony.  "Oh.  Yes..." says Kate.  "Well, shall we go?" asks Tony.  "What?  Yes," says Kate, deep in thought.
Jane Smith goes to the garage office looking for Sharon Metcalfe and Victor Lee tells her that Sharon has left the office for the day.  Jane says Sharon was going to take Muriel Baines' shopping to her.  "I can't because I'm working late tonight," explains Jane.  Victor Lee tells her that she will take the shopping to Muriel Baines.
Victor Lee goes to the Baines' home and Muriel answers.  "I've bought you your groceries," says Victor Lee.  "You needn't have bothered," says Muriel, curtly.  "I bought them because there was no-one else," says Victor.  Muriel apologises and thanks him.  She invites him in for a cup of tea.  She explains that she hasn't been out for a while and Victor says Sharon mentioned something about her not being well.  Muriel tells him that she has agoraphobia and a lot of people have it.  She says she feels so silly having to rely on everyone else.  Victor tells her that he would like to know more about the condition if she wants to talk about it.
Jane Smith asks Meg's advice on a wedding present for Sandy and Lynne, and Meg suggests that she asks them what they need.
In the sitting room Sandy tells Lynne Baxter that they should go and see some houses, but Lynne says they should wait until after they are married.  Lynne says one of the surgeons at the hospital said she would make a good theatre sister, and it's something she has always wanted to do.  "It would only be for a year.  Then we could settle down," she says.  "I'm beginning to think your father was right," says Sandy.  "What?" asks Lynne.  "He said we should forget about marriage and just live together," says Sandy.  "He said that.  Well, well.  What a good idea," says Lynne.  Sandy glares at her.  Lynne tells him that he has been fighting her all the way.  "You won't even let me carry on with my career," she says,raising her voice.  Jane Smith comes in at that moment, just as Sandy shouts back an answer.  Jane says she wanted to ask them about a wedding present.  "Not now Jane," says Sandy angrily.  Lynne tells Jane that it is kind of her but they won't have enough room to store eveything, and they won't be getting a home of their own for a while.

1978 Episodes continued

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