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Meg asks Brian if he has any idea why David is in such a bad mood since he came back from holiday.  Brian says it's none of his business.  Meg persuades him to tell her.  Brian tells her that David was put out by Hugh's decisions and changes affecting the motel.
David and Meg are working in the office when the telephone rings.  The call is from their rival hotel, Fairlawns, who ask if they can accomodate two of their guests as they have overbooked.  "Yes well, I'll have a look in my diary," says David.  He puts his hand over the phone but doesn't look in the diary.  "You're in luck.  Yes, give me their names," says David, speaking into the phone again.  He scribbles down the names and puts the phone down.  Meg looks at him.  "You don't want to give the impression that Crossroads is half empty," he says.  "But have we got two spare chalets?" asks Meg.  "I'm not sure," says David.
Later, David tells Faye that they may have a bit of a crisis.  He tells her that they need two chalets but there is only one spare.  David says they can't put the two in one chalet.  "One of them is a Lord Lanchester and the other's his valet.  I suppose he expects servants quarters but we haven't got any," says David.
Norman Finn goes to the garage and asks Jim Baines about a job.  Jim tells him that Mr Walton is the boss, and Stan works in the garage.  Norman asks what Stan's surname is and when Jim tells him 'Harvey' Norman changes his mind about the job.  Mr Walton comes into the garage at that moment and, without letting Norman get a word in, he takes him off to see David Hunter about a job.
Simon Wittaker, the new trainee chef, arrives at the motel.  Tina Webb takes an instant liking to the young man. 
Mr Walton takes Norman Finn into the office where he meets David and Faye.  Faye immediately recognises him.  "Of course, Norman Finn.  You're the young man who caused the fire in Mr Mortimer's chalet," says David.  David says he is willing to forget about the past.  Meg comes into the office just as Norman Finn leaves.  "I know that face," says Meg.   
Faye shows Simon Wittaker into the office and introduces him to David and Meg.  David shows Simon around the motel.
Meg notices Paula Randall sitting in reception and goes over to speak to her.  "I couldn't help hearing you on the phone when I came in.  It isn't healthy for a husband to spend too much time away.  You can't let your husband out of your sight with people like your hairdresser about, can you," she says.          

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