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Meg and Hugh are in the sitting room when David returns from his holiday in Turkey.  "Welcome home," says Meg, hugging him.  "You look so well.  Where's Kelly?" she asks.  "Yes, where is the beautiful Kelly? You haven't sold her to some harim, have you," says Hugh.  "Ar, no.  Kelly's taken another assignment, a magazine feature, in Hong Kong," says David.
Mr Booth finds Carney, Wilf and Shughie McFee in the kitchen with Carney's whippet, Jasper.  Shughie apologises for being in the kitchen.  "Gentlemen, I'm afraid the syndicate will have to meet elsewhere," says Shughie.  "Was this a business meeting of some kind?" asks Mr Booth.  "Sorry, Mr Booth, it won't happen again," says Carney.  "McFee, what's all this about a syndicate?" asks Mr Booth.
Jim Baines finds David in the office.  David asks him what he is doing here.  "I work here.  In the garage.  Anyway, I'll tell you about that later.  Right now you can sort out a load of trouble," says Jim.  "Between you and Cliff Leyton?" asks David.  "No, Hugh flaming Mortimer, putting the screws on.  So it's about time we had a showdown.  Right!" says Jim.  Jim explains to David that whilst he has been away Hugh Mortimer as been changing everythin, and acting as if he is the manager.  "Look, I can't take this in now.  Come back tomorrow and we'll talk then, but give me 24 hours to find out exactly what's been happening, ok," says David.
Mr Booth tells Carney that he would like to become a member of this syndicate.
David asks Hugh why he stopped the free meals for the garage staff.  Hugh says Jim Baines has caused a lot of trouble and he knew that if he stopped the free meals that Jim was sure to make a fuss.  "I wanted Baines to stir up more trouble so you would have a reason to sack him," says Hugh.
Faye tells Mr Booth that there is a Miss Tina Webb waiting to see him.  "But I don't know any Tina Webb," says Mr Booth.  "Well you should.  She's your cousin," says Faye.  Tina Webb explains to Mr Booth that she has run away from home and needs a steady job.  "So when I found out they were interviewing people for the secretaries job, I took Miss West's place," explains Tina.
Ed Lawton tells Benny that he has to take him to the police station.  Benny tells Diane that he is frightened, but Diane tells him not to worry.  "When I said I loves you before, I meant it.  I do love you," says Benny.  "I know," says Diane.  "I know I ain't like other blokes," says Benny.  "No you're not.  You're nicer and kinder," says Diane.
Meg tells David that Hugh has made her a co-director of his company, Mortimer Investments, so she has given him a share in everything she owns.  "So he's got some holding in this motel," asks David, anxiously.  "Don't look so worried.  Hugh wouldn't have it any other way," says Meg.
Ed tells Diane that Benny will be put on probation and sent to a home.  He says he was getting very fond of Benny.  "He's a loveable lad.  Good luck to him whatever he does," he says, his bottom lip trembling with emotion.

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