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Doctor Maynard comes to the Motel and tells Stan Harvey that Jill has gone into labour.  Stan rushes to the hospital to be with his wife and await the birth of his first child.
Jane Smith has a voluntary job at the local hospital and there she meets an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Keeley.  Mrs Keeley accidentally leaves her purse behind at the hospital and Jane visits the couples house to return the purse.  They invite Jane in for tea and tell her that the owners of the house in which they live is threatening to knock the house down.
Vera Downend returns to the Motel after her holiday and finds Michel Maurice in the hairdressing salon.  She tells him that she will be taking over from him the following day, but Michel says she won't, that he is in charge now. 
At the Motel David, Wilf and Sandy anxiously await news about Jill.  Stan Harvey rushes in and tells them to get the champagne out.  "It's a girl!" he announces.
Diane is on reception duty when an attractive woman books into the Motel and gives her name as Rachel Fisher, Bart Fisher's wife.  Diane telephones Bart and tells him that his wife has just checked into the Motel. 
Tish Hope tells Meg that her husband Ted, who is in America, is having an affair and isn't coming back to England.  She tells Meg that she won't give Ted up without a fight, and she is going to go to America to confront him.   
Jim Baines, who is moving out of David's cottage and into a flat, arrives at the Motel and goes to see David in the sitting room.  "I was just on my way when I realised I'd left something behind so we had to turn back.  The place was empty and the back door was open," says Jim, as he hands the cottage keys to David.  As Jim Baines leaves David's housekeeper, Mrs Bullock , comes into the sitting room.  "What was he doing here?" she asks.  "He forgot something at the cottage.  The place was empty, and the door was open," says David.  "Oh Mr Hunter, whatever must you think of me," says Mrs Bullock.  Over a cup of tea Bessie Bullock tells David that when she was on holiday in Bournemouth she promised a friend she would go and live with her.  "I'm torn between two people I'm very fond of.  I'm giving in my notice.  I'm leaving you Mr Hunter," says Bessie Bullock.
Jane Smith takes Brian Jarvis to see the Keeley's.  Mr Keeley tells Brian that they are knocking down their house, but that they have put their name down on the housing list.  Brian says he checked the list and their name is not on it.  He tells them that they should have re-applied every six months and because they didn't they are no longer on the list.
Diane Parker realises that she looks on Bart Fisher as a father figure and so she breaks off their engagement.          

1974 Episodes continued

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