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Brian Jarvis tells the Keeley's that they might have to go into separate homes until suitable accommodation is found.  Meg invites Councillor Williams to the Motel to discuss the Keeley's situation, and he promises to see what he can do.
Diane Parker gives David a letter from Cliff Leyton who is in Germany on business for the car hire firm he works for.  David tells Meg that he is concerned for Cliff Leyton's safety and is going over to Germany to see what is going on.
Jane Smith visits the Keeley's and is laughing over some photographs with Mrs Keeley when Mr Keeley collapses onto the floor.  Jane rushes to him but makes no move to call an ambulance.
Brian Jarvis is attending a Council meeting and putting the Keeley's case before the Councillors when Jane knocks on the door.  Councillor Williams lets her in.  "You don't care what happens to anyone.  Mr Keeley dropped dead thirty minutes ago thanks to you," sobs Jane.
Vera Downend tells Sheila Mollison that she is going to make enquiries about Michel Maurice.  Vera telephones a friend in Newcastle where Michel Maurice used to work, and asks her to find out what she can about him.  She discovers that Michel moved from Newcastle to Leeds, and then remembers that Martin Bell's mother lives in Leeds.  She asks Martin to contact his mother and ask her if she knows anything about Michel Maurice.
Sandy receives a telegram from David Hunter who is in Germany.  It reads 'Return delayed.  Serious crisis.  Will explain later.' 
David telephones the Motel and Sandy takes the call.  David tells him that Cliff Leyton is in some sort of trouble with the police.  Shortly after Meg telephones the hotel where David is staying and when she asks to speak to David, the manager tells her that David Hunter was seen leaving the hotel two days ago accompanied by two men.   
Martin Bell tells Vera that Michel Maurice is not French at all.  She confronts Maurice and tells him that she knows he is a fraud.  Michel Maurice stops speaking with a French accent and tells her that the accent is good for business and the customers love it.
David returns to the Motel and tells Meg and Sandy that whilst Cliff Leyton was in Germany he tried to get a girl over the border from West Berlin to East Berlin. 

1974 Episodes continued

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