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Sandy tells his mother that female singer Holly Brown whose record 'Born with a Smile on my face' has reached No. 1 in the hit parade, has mysteriously disappeared.  When David joins Meg in the sitting room Meg tells him that Holly Brown has disappeared.  "So she should!" replies David. 

David tells Meg about his telephone conversation with Rosemary, and says she suggested he goes to Switzerland on holiday.  David tells him that it would do him good to have a break.  David makes up his mind to go, and later that day he leaves the motel for Switzerland. 

Timothy Hunter, David's uncle, has won a fortune on the roulette table and an old vintage car into the bargain.  He has the car, called Harriet, sent to the Crossroads motel.  He puts the car in the charge of Meg and Sandy and write a note telling them that he will come to collect it in a fe days time. 

Sandy informs Meg that the village policeman Sergeant Tidmash and a certain man in a raincoat, have been taking an interest in Harriet.  It seems that the fortune that Timothy Hunter won on the roulette table was stashed away in Harriet, and Sandy has been trying to hide the fact that pound notes have been popping up from behind the seats. 

Wilf Harvey tells Sheila that he heard Sid Gilbert was getting another manageress instead of Vera.  "There'll be fireworks when Vera comes back," he says. 

Sid Gilbert arrives at the Harvey house with a wedding present for Wilf and Mrytle; a stuffed pigeon.  Wilf tells Sid that he is stupid getting a replacement for Vera and he doesn't think it is very nice of him.  Sid gets very angry and storms out, telling Wilf that he can do the same as the pigeon.

The man in the raincoat arrives at the motel.  Sandy finds Sergeant Tidmarsh snooping around Harriet the car.  Sandy asks him if he knows the man in the raincoat as he thought he might be a plain clothes policeman, but Sergeant Tidmarsh says the man is new to the area.

Sandy and Meg receive a note from Timothy Hunter telling them to drive Harriet to Nottingham, and he will meet them there, then take the car off their hands.

Tish Hope has to deliver an antique clock to a customer in Nottingham and as Meg and Sandy are going to Nottingham, they offer to give her a lift in Harriet.    

Sid Gilbert arrives at Roy and Sheila's house and tells them that the police have just dragged Winston James out of the canal.  Roy goes to the hospital to find out what happened and Shiela goes to see Winston's father, Cameron James.  As soon as Winston's sister, Linda, hears about her brother she prepares to go to the hospital to see him.  Cameron James warns her that if she leaves the house she will not come and live in it again.  Linda James tells him she is going to see her brother. 

Meg, Sandy, Tish Hope and Martin Bell arrive in Nottingham in Harriet.  They go to a hotel and ask if Timothy Hunter is staying there.  The man behind the reception desk tells them that Mr Hunter left a message for them to drive to Leicester and meet him at the clock tower.

Meg, Sandy, Tish and Martin arrive at the clock tower in Leicester and receive yet another message from Timothy to drive to Birmingham.  They book into a hotel for the night and Martin Bell carries the luggage in, leaving the antique clock unguarded in the car.  They return to park Harriet and Tish notices that the clock is missing. 

The following day Meg, Sandy, Tish and Martin go to fetch Harriet, the vintage car, and find that it has disappeared.  Meg suspects that the man in the raincoat has been following them and has stolen the car.  

Timonthy Hunter telephones the Motel to say that he is arriving soon.

Meanwhile, Meg, Sandy, Tish and Martin are at a hotel somewhere in Birmingham.  The man in the raincoat has checked out so even if he had something to do with the theft of Harriet, they have now lost him.

Without Meg knowing, Sandy asks the man at the reception desk of the Birmingham hotel for a forwarding address of the man in the raincoat.  He explains that he borrowed a pen from the man and forgot to give it back to him.  The reception clerk gives Sandy the address.  "What was all that about?"  Meg asks Sandy.  Sandy tells her that he has the forwarding address for the man in the raincoat.  "Well, what is it?" asks Meg.  "The Crossroads Motel," replies Sandy.  They get a taxi back to the motel.

At the Crossroads Motel, Mrs Witton rushes in, saying that she has seen Harriet parked outsode.  Amy and Tish Hope are very puzzled until the man in the raincoat turns up at the motel asking to speak to Timothy Hunter.  

Diane Parker has a drink at the Motel with Bart Fisher.  She says people at the Motel have gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure that she hears the rumours that are going around about him.  Bart tells her that there is a way to stop that.  "I want to marry you, if you'll have me," he says.  Diane is too surprised to say anything but then agrees to think about it. Sid Gilbert and Sheila Mollison are awaiting the arrival of the new manageress of the hairdressing salon, Michel Maurice. 

Meg and Sandy, now back at the motel, meet the man in the raincoat.  Meg says she thinks he took the car, Harriet, but the man in the raincoat tells her that Timothy Hunter took it.  He walks away, saying that he is fed up waiting for Timothy Hunter.

David Hunter arrives back at the motel following his trip to Switzerland, and asks Meg what has been going on.  Meg and David go into the sitting room and David pours them both a drink.  "Take a big gulp.  You'll need it," he tells Meg.  "Timothy Hunter was here," says David.  "Where.  I'll kill him," says Meg.  "He came and went," replies David. 

David explains that the man in the raincoat was after the money Timothy had won, and Timothy had to hid it somewhere.  "In Harriet," guesses Sandy.

David is surprised to hear that Diane is living in a penthouse flat.  Sandy tells him that it was a t Bart Fishers request that she took the flat.  Both David and Sandy talk to Amy and tell her that she is not to spread any rumours about Bart and Diane.

Timothy Hunter telephones Meg and asks her to look after Harriet for a few more weeks.  Meg decides that she needs a holiday so she and Sandy decide to go on a grand tour of England, in Harriet.      

David returns to his country cottage home to find a jar of baby food on the table and a baby's bib hanging on the washing line. When he goes into his kitchen he finds a young woman at the cooker. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "We live here" replies the woman. "Well I think you're mistaken. This is my cottage" says David, raising his voice. "Ssshhh, you'll wake the baby". "I'll shout if I want to" says David, losing patience. "Who are you?" demands a Cockney voiced man. "I don't know what you think you're doing but this is my cottage" says David. "No it isn't. We saw the cottage empty and the back door was open, so we moved in and you can't do anything about it" says the man waving a threatening finger at David. David leaves to call the police.

David returns later with a policeman.  "Are these the people?" the policeman asks David.  "Yes," answers David.  "Look you two.  You had better get out of here," the policeman warns the two squatters.  "The back door was open so we came in," says the man.  "That's not true.  My housekeeper would never leave the door open.  They broke in," says David.  The policeman takes David aside to talk to him.  "I don't like it Jim.  Why can't we get out of here" says the woman squatter to her husband.  "They can't do anything about it.  I know they can't," says the man.  "Anyway he's posh.  I saw the car he drove up in.  A big white thing.  He can buy six of these," says the man.

David returns to the Motel and tells Stan Harvey that he has squatters.  "You have taken it to the police?  Well, they should be able to do something," says Stan.  "I have to get a court order," David tells him.

Michel Maurice arrives at the Motel and turns out to be a man, not a woman as Sheila expected.  Sid Gilbert and Sheila show him around the salon.  Michel Maurice speaks with a strong French accent, but as soon as Sheila is out of earshot he drops the accent and speaks to Sid Gilbert in an English accent.   

Cliff Leyton takes Diane out to dinner at the Motel.  After dinner Cliff offers to drive Diane back to the canal boat but Diane tells him that she doesn't live on the boat anymore.  With directions from Diane Cliff drives her to the flat which Bart Fisher gave her.  Cliff is very surprised to see the luxury flat and Diane tells him that it belongs to a friend of hers.  Although Cliff tries to get the mans name from Diane she doesn't tell him.  Shortly after Bart Fisher arrives at the flat.  




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