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Dot Smith goes to the Harvey's house and asks Wilf Harvey for a dustpan and brush.  She asks him about his brother Isaac, and finds out that Isaac is very well off.

David Hunter arrives back at the motel and joins Meg and Sandy in the sitting room.  They ask him why Laura isn't with him and David tells them it's all off.  Diane hands David a letter.  He opens it, reads it and stands up sharply.  He tears the letter into pieces and storms out of the room. 

Diane Parker is due to attend a conference with David Hunter.  Bart Fisher finds out that they will be staying at the Droitwich Hotel.

The letter is from David's solicitor informing him that his divorce from Rosemary has come through.  The fact that he was once again a bachelor wouldn't have worried David if his engagement, and presumably his marriage to Laura, was still on. 

At 25 years of age David spent two years doing his National Service.  He was a 2nd Lieutenant, posted in Malaysia.  He returned and married Rosemary Dane, and they settled in Switzerland where their only son Chris was born.  Rosemary's money set them up in the hotel business.

David had practically grwon up in hotels.  After his parents were killed during the war David Hunter was sent to live with an uncle in Guernsey where he began his training in his uncle's Hotel kitchen.  Rosemary, who relied on alcohol for her mental stability, played, while David worled hard.  It was after this that their marriage started to go wrong.  Gentle David was driven to violence on one occasion.

He left Rosemary to come to England, and tried to muscle in on Meg Richardson, to let him have shares in the Crossroads motel.  She did and has never regretted it.  She and David have become firm friends over the years, he helping her overcome her own problems, for she has had her fair share of them too.

It was Meg's first husband, Charles, who set Meg up in the hotel business.  Although a businessman he always thought that land was a good thing to own.  As Charles' health slowly declined, Meg had her home turned into a guest house.  She borrowed enough money from the bank to have the family house converted and from the land rose chalets and then later the Crossroads Service Station.  When Charles died, Meg concentrated on the motel with Sandy, who had left school without taking his O levels to help her. 

Hugh Mortimer phones Meg from Australia.  She tells him about David.  "David's just gone out.  Do you remember that girl that he was engaged to, Laura Marshall?  Well that's all off.  And another thing.  His divorce has just come through, so he's free to marry again," she says.

Diane is shown to her room at the Droitwich Hotel and in it she finds flowers.  When David Hunter telephones her she thanks him for the flowers, but David says he didn't send any flowers.  A short time later room service brings her some champagne which she didn't order.  A little later Bart Fisher arrives and tells Diane that he wants to talk. 

Bart Fisher tells Diane that he is married.  He tells Diane to go an get another bottle of champagne from the other room.  Diane goes into the next room and shouts that there isn't a bottle of champagne in there.  Bart rushes into the adjoining room and Diane locks him in.

The following morning there is a knock on the door and Diane, still half asleep, opens the door.  Bart Fisher walks in with a breakfast tray, and makes himself comfortable on her bed.  They engage in a friendly fight during which Bart falls off the bed.  He complains about his back.  At that moment David Hunter comes in and see's them on the bed.  David's eyes widen and he makes a hurried exit. 

At Sandy's suggestion, Wilf and Mrytle bring Winston James to the Motel to see about a job for Winston.  Meg shows Winston around and introduces him to Mrs Witton and Amy Turtle.  After Winston has left Mrs Witton says she doesn't trust any of his sort.    

A man from the Medical Protection Service goes to see Bruce Richardson.  Bruce tells him the whole story about the anonymous letters he has been receiving.  He tells the man about Mrs Loman, the woman who used to be his receptionist and says he thinks she is responsible for sending the letters.

Dot Smith asks Isaac Harvey to dinner.  He suggests they go the the Crossroads Motel.

David Hunter, on his return from the conference, has a drink with Brian Jarvis and they talk about divorce.  "It's funny.  You can't wait for it all to end and when it does you find yourself wishing it hadn't," says David.

Bruce Richardson learns that he is in the clear and he and Sandy celebrate. 

David Hunter telephones his ex-wife Rosemary and thanks her for her letter.  He says he would like to see Chris again and Rosemary suggests a holiday in Switzerland. 

Diane receives an envelope with some keys in.  She decides the only way to find out who the flat belongs to is to go and see it.  She lets herself into the flat and finds Bart Fisher there.  He offers her the flat and Diane agrees. 

Winston takes some money out of Roy Mollison's savings to buy some flowers for his sister on her birthday.

Sheila Mollison goes to see Sid Gilbert about a job at the motel hairdressing salon.  Bernice Burrows will be acting manageress whilst Vera is away.  Sid tells Sheila that he has found someone else to take over the salon for good but he isn't saying who it is.

Wilf Harvey has been trying to keep secret the fact that he is marrying Mrytle Cavendish but his secret is out.

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