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Anthony Mortimer?  Yes, that's right - for Hugh returns from Australia with his son, who hasn't been to the Motel since he was sixteen years old; an attractive, sophisticated young man with enough subtlety to charm the birds out of the trees.
He manages to set the Motel in a fluster even before he appears, when a mysterious cable arrives, booking a chalet, and signed 'Mortimer'.  Everyone assumes it is from Hugh - but why should Meg's husband, with the cottage ready and waiting for him, want to book into a chalet?
Of course, it is Anthony who has made the reservation; feeling that when Meg and Hugh are reunited after this long separation, two's company and three is non.  However, Meg and Hugh over-ride his objections; of course he must stay at the cottage, and look upon the place as his home, for the time being.
Meg asks Hugh:
"Why didn't you tell me Anthony was coming back with you?"
"Because I didn't know myself until he turned up in the next seat to me, on board the plane!"
It seems there are two principal reasons for Anthony's arrival; one - to employ his legal skills and help Hugh to sort out all his business affairs, now that he has finally lost that long battle to retain a seat on the board of his Australian company.  It's time to review Hugh's financial situation, and make provision for the future.
Secondly - there is another, and deeper reason, which Hugh tries at first to conceal from Meg.  But truth will out, and eventually Meg realises that he has suffered yet another serious heart attack while he was away at the other end of the earth.  Anthony knew all about it, of course, and so insisted on accompanying his father on the journey back to England, to hand him over safely.
What sort of person is this enigmatic young man?  He takes one look at Stephanie - and likes what he sees.  Before she knows quite what is happening, he has made a bet with her, and in order to win it, he finishes up by waltzing with her, late that night, in the Motel wine-cellar!
And then Anthony has inherited a very sharp business brain from his father.  Hugh seems to want to involve his son, little by little, in the daily running of the Motel ... At the same time, he also does his best to manoeuvre Anthony into situations that must, inevitably, irritate David and create friction all round.
Sandy begins to suspect what is going on, and he is worried about it.  What game is Hugh playing, exactly?
Whatever the name of the game may be, one thing is clear.  Hugh Mortimer is playing for very high stakes this time.  

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