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Don Juan Rex Oliver wows hairstyles and hearts alike.  Actor Kim Fortune plays the Lucky Man.

If the kind of letters we've been receiving at the Crossroads Monthly office lately are anything to go by, then there's one recent arrival at the Motel who's really caused a stir.  Who are we talking about?  Well, it looks like quite a few people can guess the answer to that without much trouble.  'Sexy Rexy', the new addition to Vera Downend's Salon staff, has been cutting quite a swathe through hearts on and off the TV screen.


Kim Fortune plays rex Oliver, the debonair heart-throb of the Salon, and a few other places around the Motel.  While his tongue remains firmly embedded in his cheek as far as his own identification with the part is concerned, he knows that 'Sexy Rexy' is just the sort of image the smooth scissors wielder is trying to put over to his clients.  "I can well believe that that nickname indicates just the sort of person he is," says Kim.  "He really starts putting up the Salon's turnover because all the women - both young and old - who come to him for hairdressing get more than just the styling.  He's already worked in Birmingham for a while, in one of the top salons there, and he's decided to set himself up as a big fish in a rather smaller pond.  He's working for Vera now, and as well as just doing hair, he's selling charm and atmosphere as well.  All the things you'd expect from a first class salon."
As Crossroads viewers will have seen by now, Rex Oliver's charm and atmosphere aren't by any means restricted to the Salon at Crossroads.  He's quite willing, and certainly capable of spreading his personality wherever he reckons it will do him a little good.  He makes a pretty definite pass at Vera herself, but she's a little too wordly-wise to fall for the junior Lothario's line.  But there are other ladies, and other lines.  'Sexy Rexy' can afford to offer his charms elsewhere.
Kim is well aware that Rex, unlike another young man who has recently joined the Motel - Jeff Gilbert, played by Julian Barnes - may have charm, but hasn't the most acceptable of personalities.  We talked to him right at the outset of his Crossroads career, and he was wondering just how people would take to the new character.  "I mean, there are all these faithful Crossroads viewers who have been watching their favourite stars for years now and in walks this conceited young guy who wants to take over the place.  They may find him attractive, I hope they do, but on the other hand they might go right against him.  It's all got a lot to do with the way that I play it, I suppose." 

Hair To Fortune ... continued