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Lynette McMorrough looks at gadabout Glenda Brownlow

Sometimes it seems as if hardly a day goes by without the news of some unfortunate young girl who's decided to solve all her problems by running away from home.  And when she does, it's more than likely that instead of losing her difficulties, she's actually going to run into even more of them.  As Crossroads viewers will know, Glenda Brownlow, who's been staying at the Motel in the last few weeks, is just such a girl.  We talked to Lynette McMorrough, who has been playing Glenda on the screen.

Just like so many of the real life youngsters who leave home in search of happiness, Glenda Brownlow has fallen out with her home, her school and quite frankly with her whole life.  Lynette explains:  "She's been having trouble with her parents, especially her father, and all her friends have already left school.  Unfortunately she's one of those children whose birthday falls on a funny day which makes her stay on longer than everyone else.  So she decides to clear off and when she comes back she'll be too old for school anyway."
And her journey away from home leads her straight to the Crossroads Motel.  Arriving there, without much to her name and looking totally lost, despite all her bravado, she falls into the compassionate hands of Jane Smith.  Not only does Jane find her a bed at the Salvation Army hostel, but she arranges that Sandy Richardson gives her a job, first as washer up and then as a fully fledged waitress.
All of which helps the youngster for a while, but it isn't long before there's more trouble for her to face.  First of all she's accused, wrongly as it turns out, of stealing Mrs Witton's valuable ring, but that's only the beginning.  "I don't know why it is," says Lynette, "but she decides just to take off again and before she knows what's happening she's ended up in hospital.  Somewhere along the way when she's hitch-hiking she gets beaten up and when she's lying in bed the truth about her comes out.  How she's not seventeen, which is what she claimed, and how, really, her whole life is just a dream."
Everyone who has been enjoying Lynette's role as Glenda will know just how much like the dreamy runaway she really does seem on the screen, but like all the Crossroads cast, Lynette's own life has little in common with the character she plays.  While she may indeed be only a few years older herself than Glenda, she's hardly a dreamy runaway.
"I first went to Drama School - the Arts Educational College in London - when I was twelve and stayed there until I was eighteen.  Since then I've been around the reps like everyone else and then I went to Chichester for a Christmas show; someone else couldn't go, so I was asked along.  I've also been to Hong Kong where I was a stage dresser some of the time and also played little parts like nuns and flower sellers.

Head In The Clouds ... continued