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"This is my first major TV part, though when I was at the Drama School we did do small children's parts in films.  They would send us off for film work in the holidays, but of course it was never anything big."
Playing little girls of one age and character or another has been very much the staple diet of Lynette's acting career to date.  As well as her schoolday movie work, and her current role as Glenda Brownlow, radio listeners should have heard her playing, yes, a young girl in BBC's 'Waggoner's Walk' serial as well as a number of other roles in programmes like 'Afternoon Theatre' and similar shows.  Lately she's also done a TV role unconnected with Crossroads, though it has yet to be screened.   
"Crossroads has been the first time I have ever seen my face on a TV screen," she said.  "It was very different to what I had expected.  I was amazed at the way my voice sounded, you know, it was really up there in the clouds.  But I think it was alright for a first try.
"I think working on this show is absolutely smashing.  Really lovely.  For a start there's the security.  You know you go in every day and you can learn what's going on until you really know exactly what you're doing.  Of course getting a new and different script each week is a great pressure, especially since things happen that you had no idea were coming up.  But it's a great challenge, to work so quickly and to learn so quickly.  I think all the changing is very good.  The first week, of course, it was an awful lot to take in, but as you go on you suddenly find yourself getting tuned in to it.  You can learn everything much quicker, and I'm sure that will help me on and off the show in the future."
What happens to Glenda and to Lynette is still something of a mystery.  As far as her portrayer is concerned, Glenda is going to go back to her Mum and Dad, whatever happens, and sort things out with them.  "She shouldn't be out on her own, not really.  I think it's a good thing to make this point to all the girls who do this sort of thing.  You can't just solveproblems by running off; and all this hitch-hiking around with strangers can be dangerous."
As far as Lynette herself is concerned, the future is an open book.  "Of course I'd like to do more television, and fortunately Crossroads will still be featuring Glenda until September.  It's been a wonderful change after so much theatre.  Still, I do like the live audience as well.  I know we have around twelve million people watching Crossroads but somehow you don't think of them in the same way."
Come what may, Crossroads viewers everywhere have been delighted to welcome Lynette McMorrough to the Motel, and there's no doubt that whether she comes back again, or whether her career takes her in other directions completely, they all wish her all the luck in the world.

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