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A Complete Rundown on Last Month's Episodes ... continued

Mother and daughter frictions develop while Jill, Stan and Sarah-Jane stay at Meg's cottage - during the time when they are homeless (they have sold their flat, but are unable to move into their new house, as the present owner has not yet been able to give them vacant possession).  Every little incident is another pin-prick, and the two women get on each other's nerves.  Jill accuses Meg of 'spoiling' Sarah-Jane - Stan is caught in the awkward situation of being 'pig-in-the-middle', trying to steer a tactful course between wife and mother-in-law.
Jill goes to the doctor, who prescribes tranquillisers for her nerves ... And things come to a climax when, during yet another stormy scene between Jill and Meg, Sarah-Jane finds the bottle of tablets in Jill's bag, and helps herself ... Their differences forgotten, the two women rush the child to hospital, where the doctor (Hilary Maddox - who becomes a personal friend of Meg's as a result of all this) copes promptly and efficiently.
Forty-eight hours later, the crisis has passed, and they are able to take the baby home again.  In face of this near-tragedy, Meg and Jill realise how trivial their squabbles really are.
* * *
One good thing that came out of Bill Warren's temporary term of duty at the Motel was his re-union with Avis.  She has forgiven him for what happened in the past; the important thing is that they love one another.  He asks her to marry him - at once, by special licence - but she says:
"No, Bill - not yet.  Not till we've got a bit of money saved up and we can get married properly."  
But at least this is a step in the right direction, and when Bill goes off to take up his new job at the Jason Motel, the happy couple are angaged - officially.
Sandy has returned from holiday - without Faye.  His explanation is that Faye's brother has turned up from South Africa with a wife and two children Faye has never seen; so she is going to spend some time with her new family.  And as she thinks it unfair to ask the Motel to keep her job open indefinitely, she has given in her notice.  (Reading between the lines - perhaps there might be a more personal reason ... But what happened between Sandy and Faye, during that holiday, nobody is ever likely to know).
The immediate problem is to find a replacement for the post of Motel secretary.  Meg and David offer the job to their 'temp' - Stephanie Colby - but she refuses at first on the grounds that she lives too far away; the travelling would be too difficult and too expensive.  Then Sandy realises Avis needs a flatmate to share the rent on Mrs Addy's basement, in the village ...
Avis shows Stephanie the flat - she likes it - she even takes to her new landlady (although old Mrs Addy is more than a little eccentric, to put it mildly) and moves in.  Only afterwards does she discover that Mrs Addy's most amazing quirk is that she actually claims to be a white witch!