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A Complete Rundown on Last Month's Episodes ... continued

Last but not least - three new characters arrive at the Motel during this time:  Nora Bowen and Annie Farrant are two 'Brummies' who both apply for the job of Motel cleaner.  As it turns out, they both get taken on, and begin their new duties side by side.  They are very different personalities, and there's not much love lost between them.
The other newcomer is Jeff Gilbert, who comes for an interview before taking over from Bill Warren as the barman ... A friendly young man, with an eye for a pretty girl.
The only snag is that the pretty girl he has his eye on is actually Jane Smith - but a totally unrecognisable Jane, since she has tried on a 'fashion wig' from the Salon as a joke, and Vera then proceeded to 'glamourise' her.
Jeff takes an immediate shine to this lovely creature, and asks her for a date.  Egged on by Mrs Witton and Vera, Jane accepts - only to regret it bitterly once she stops and realises what she has done.
How ever is she going to explain to him?