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A Complete Rundown on Last Month's Episodes ... continued

When Jim Baines was picked out on an Identification Parade by Bill Warren, as the man who attacked Vera and stole the Salon takings, almost everyone believed he was guilty ... Everyone except Jane Smith, who insisted that Jim couldn't have done such a thing.  But then Vera was summoned to the police station, and told that another man had been picked up on a housebreaking offence, and they found Vera's missing cashbox at his digs.  The real thief has owned up - and so Vera comes back with the news that Jim is innocent.
Everyone on the Motel staff is very happy for him - although Mrs Witton looks pretty small.  Jim himself isn't exactly in the mood of celebration.
"You can't stop perople talking.  They'll still say there's no smoke without fire ... I'll always have it hanging over me."
Carney tries to make peace, but Jim won't listen, and tells the old man:
"You've got to walk in a man's shoes before you know him."
* * *
Meanwhile, Vera herself is in financial straits over the Salon.  Merchant-Seaman Gus Harmon comes to the rescue and offers to invest his savings in the business, to tide her over - a nest-egg for his future.  Vera accepts, on the understanding that it is strictly a business deal - no strings, no emotional hang-ups.
Later she realises that Gus is still in love with her, and this is why he made the offer, hoping that in time she may come sround to him.  She tells him the deal is off, and he goes back to sea.
This leaves Vera in a hole; by this time the Salon is redecorated and ready for re-opening - but she has no capital left.  She goes to Meg and Sandy, who take the decision (without David - he's off in Venice by this point) that the Motel should shoulder the financial responsibility for the Salon, and run it as a facility for their guests, putting Vera in as Manageress.  The only stipulation Meg makes is that the Salon should go 'unisex' in future - catering to both men and women.  Vera has to advertise for an assistant to take charge of the men's side.