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A Complete Rundown on Last Month's Episodes


Kelly finally confessed to David that Steve McKenna had asked her to marry him - and she had said yes.  David is hurt and angry, but tells Kelly she must make up her own mind; he won't try to influence her.  It's an awkward situation - made even worse when Meg innocently invites David and Kelly to dinner at the cottage, and also asks Steve along to make the numbers even.  Kelly and Steve continue to work on the new book about their travels; and soon after this a daily newspaper prints a startling news item ...
Who leaked the story to the press?  Steve comes clean; he was responsible, in an attempt to force Kelly's hand.
Then, on the night before the Motel Garden Fete, there is a wild thunderstorm; rain threatens to wreck the marquee and batters Carney's prize roses.  Carney, David and Kelly battle against the elements, and rescue the tent (and Carney rigs up an umbrella to protect his hybrid teas) ... Next day dawns bright and fair, and the Fete is a huge success.  Afterwards, Kelly tells Steve she has decided at last - it's David for her; first, last and always.  But when she goes to David, he says:
"No, Kelly ... It's too late now ... It's all over."
He says he has realised that they are too different; it would never work.  Sadly, she goes off to London with Steve ... Meg and Sandy persuade David to take a long holiday, in Venice.
* * *

At Heywood Farm, Diane guesses - correctly - that Josie is pregnant.  Ed breaks the news to Benny, who is shattered at first, but then, when he thinks it over, decides that Josie will need him more than ever now ... And he looks forward to being a 'Dad' to the baby.

Ed and Diane know that Josie is still two-timing Benny (with that ginger-haired electrician).  Diane warns her:

"If Benny catches you and him - you'll regret it!"

Then Ed plays his trump card, telling Josie that he's going back on his promise to make Benny a partner in the farm.  Furious at being cheated out of what she'd imagined would be her share of the profits, Josie broke off the engagement - she can do better for herself than daft Benny!

Benny turns on Ed - but later realises that Josie was only after his money.  Perhaps it's all for the best.  The two men patch up their quarrel, and Ed calls Benny 'partner' once more.  Diane gives Benny Josie's parting message; if the baby's a boy, perhaps she'll call it 'Benny' ...

He grins.  "That's nice to know."