Dear Diary ... continued

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Wednesday ...
I rang the local water-board today to ask if there was anything we at the Motel could do to help with the water shortage.  The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and he agreed that although our area is as yet not on the 'critical list' you can never be too careful.  Some of his ideas were fairly obvious but a few were real eye-openers.  To start with he suggested we check over all the taps to make sure none were leaking.  Then he came up with what I thought was a brilliant suggestion of putting a clean house brick in each of the loo cysterns.  Apparently for each flush this saves about one and a half pints of water.  Just imagine if everybody did that, how much we'd save!
In fact he had a whole list of ideas, many of which I intend to see implemented at the Crossroads Motel.  Such as, don't hose, use a watering can ... fill the watering can when possible with waste water from the kitchen ... don't wash the car so often ... see if a reduction in the water pressure is possible by adjustment of the stop-cock.  To make it all worth while of course, not just us at the motel, but everyone will need to take notice.  This country has got a pretty good record for pulling its socks up when the need arises so let's hope we don't let ourselves down this time.
Thursday ...
For the first time this year, I've managed to keep a few minutes spare for one of my country walks.  It's silly really, because the trees and fields are quite beautiful around King's Oak and there's nothing like some fresh evening air for clearing the mind of a day's hard work.  At this time of the Summer, everything is looking so lush and splendid that Winter seems far, far away and the hedgerows almost talk to you as you walk along the quiet, friendly lanes.  I must say I've lost count of all the many countries now that I've visited, but still I haven't met one to touch Great Britain in its variety and warmth.  We are indeed very lucky.
And talking about making time, it's too easy, as I know to my cost, to throw yourself into a job to such an extent that you lose touch with the things that are going on around you.  With one problem solved, you're straightaway looking around for another.  As Hugh is forever telling me, not only do inefficiencies then creep in, it's also a danger to death.  He's right when he says everyone should divide their walking hours equally between work and pleasure.  But then, there are times when I have to remind myself how fortunate I am to have this exciting life to lead.  There are many, no doubt, who would gladly give a week's pay to tackle something they could really get their teeth into.  But then again I wonder if they actually would ... after all life really is what you make it - no one else is going to make it for you.  

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