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To what, then, does John Bentley attribute the success of Crossroads?  Well, first of all he believes it has a lot to do with the 'daily dose'.  Other serials usually appear only twice a week.  Another thing that occurs to John is the love/hate syndrome.  People will support one character as fiercely as they hate another.  "A viewer will watch the programme in order to see just one individual or maybe to follow one story line," he says.  "Other people will watch just to get a glimpse of someone they absolutely loathe."
"Another success ingredient for me is the variety that we are able to present.  You never really know if you're about to see a very down-to-earth farm scene or perhaps a high powered business conference.  Then again, maybe it will be a throw-away comedy sequence.  The light and shade, I think, gives us an edge over our competition and, of course, week by week, even the actors don't know what's coming next."
So how then does the man who came home from Hollywood to make his home in King's Oak see the future?  Obviously nothing is certain: even the script writers work only a few months ahead and deliberately the story line will swing to and fro like a weather-cock in the wind.  "Judging by the correspondence I receive, the fans are happy to see Meg settled," he concludes.  "Naturally there will always be upsets and difficulties, but in general, I believe things will stay as they are, with the two of them meeting and overcoming problems in much the same way as every single one of our twelve million viewers.  But then, you never can tell!" 

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