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Amy Turtle is as much a part of Crossroads as the name itself.  For eleven years this remarkable little Birmingham woman has been energetically poking her nose into other peolple's business.  Without Amy around to gossip and complain, things would probably run a lot less smoothly at the Crossroads!
However, Ann George, Amy Turtle's other half, is quite the reverse of her TV creation.  Certainly the two look exactly the same (although Ann has a decidedly more refined taste in clothes and jewellery than does Amy).  But once Ann launches into one of her many hilarious stories, the similarity ends there.
We discovered this when we asked Ann just what difference Crossroads has made to her life.  "Oh, it's made the world of difference," she replied.  "It's become part of my life.  I am able now to have things I would never have dreamed of before.  I've got myself a luxurious caravan which has cost me three thousand pounds ... it's like a house on wheels!  I've also got lovely jewellery, which is worth a good deal.  And Crossroads has also bought me a very nice gentleman!"
A gentleman? we asked in surprise.  How much did he cost?  "Absolutely nothing," laughed Ann.  "He saw a picture of me in the TV Times and that's what started it off.  He had seen me many times on the screen and had liked the way I had done the part.  Looking at the picture he thought, 'I bet she could be very aristocratic if she wanted to be.'  Then, as he said to me later, he suddenly thought, 'How different they must be to what they appear on the screen!'
"Some time later, I went to the Star Hotel at Worcester where they were giving me a birthday party and he was a guest there.  He was alone and the hostess, who is a great friend of mine, said 'Shall we invite him?  Do you mind?'  I said, 'No ... let him come, the more the merrier.'  And so he did, and we found out we have many, many things in common.  We even think alike and say the same words together!  He's a gentleman of the old type that I like very much.
"And so, we got together.  He packed up his business in London and brought it up to Birmingham.  Now he's living up here.  Will we get married?  Well, when the tax man lets us!"