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Larry Grayson

LARRY GRAYSON - A Friend Twice Over
Larry Grayson, of course, needs no introduction to television viewers.  But perhaps it's not quite so well known that he is a close friend not only of Meg's, but of that other famous lady Noele Gordon.  Indeed, back in 1973 the papers were full of talk about a possible romance between Larry and Meg's 'other half'!
It all began when Noele and some of the other Crossroads cast went to see Larry perform in a local cabaret.  During the course of the evening he took the opportunity to make a few jokes about Birmingham's top TV show, not realising its star was sitting out there in the audience.  When Noele went backstage after the performance, he was somewhat taken aback, but recovered quickly by confessing that he, too, is a Crossroads fan.  "Why don't you have me on the show?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.
The next week, as the Crossroads cameras were recording an episode, he suddenly walked through the door of the motel and, completely unannounced, started complaining to Meg about the dreadful night he had just spent as a guest.  He told a flabbergasted Meg that he had been camping down the road, but the bad weather had forced him to check into the motel.  There were, he complained, quite a few shortcomings in the running of the motel - leaking roofs, fish in the bath, ferrets in the woodwork, Amy Turtle's bucket under the bed...!
When Meg had got over her shock, she began to quiver, and the episode faded out with Meg falling about with laughter.  After that, she and Larry became close friends, dining out together whenever they have the chance.  And all that talk of romance...?  "Larry is a chum," says Noele firmly.
Since his night with the ferrets, Larry hasn't returned to the motel.  Or has he...?  Come to think of it, that chauffeur in the white peaked cap who escorted Meg and Hugh to the Birmingham Cathedral did look very familiar!