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DAVID HUNTER - A Perfect Partner
Handsome, suave David Hunter is more than just a close friend of Meg's.  He is, of course, her business associate, involved with her in managing the Crossroads Motel.  Mixing business and friendship can often lead to serious troubles, but for Meg, David has proved to be a perfect partner.
Perhaps one of the reasons why Meg and David have formed such a firm business and social relationship since he first appeared, is that, like Meg, David too has had his share of rough romance.  oringinally he was married to a demanding and unnerving woman who relied far too heavily on alcohol for her mental stability.  So oppressive was she, in fact, that the mild and gentle David was driven to violence on one occasion, following a particularly heated argument.
Now David's troubles are behind him and he can devote far more of his time and energy to overseeing the well-being of the Motel.  He has become very protective towards Meg, knowing how sensitive and vulnerable she really is.  When Hugh Mortimer reappeared and romance blossomed again, David voiced his suspicions that perhaps Hugh's business interests would not allow him to devote much time to Meg.  In short, he feared she might be neglected.
However, in time he came to ee that Hugh really was in love, and when the engagement was announced, like the rest of the Crossroads clan, David Hunter was thrilled.  Indeed, after their marriage, Meg and Hugh went into 'seclusion' in David's cottage.

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