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Kevin McArthur

KEVIN McARTHUR - A Harmless Fling ...?
Meg met Kevin McArthur, an Australian, whilst holidaying in Spain and their flirtation caused something of a stir amongst viewers convinced that Hugh Mortimer was the man in her life.
Although Kevin mistakenly believed that Meg was a rich businesswoman, their relationship was never plagued by the sort of evil deception as later practised by Malcolm Ryder.  In fact  after their 'holiday romance' , Meg invited Kevin McArthur to come to Crossroads Motel as its manager.  After a while he left to run a yacht club in Dorset - and Meg has since always insisted they had nothing more than an amusing flirtation.  And weren't we all relieved!
ANDY FRASER - Brotherly Love
Like husband Hugh Mortimer, Meg's brother is very much a man-of-the-world.  Only in the case of Andy Fraser it was a love of the sea rather than business interests that kept him roaming around the globe.
Yes, Meg's younger brother Andy spent many years in the Merchant Navy before finally settling ashore in September 1066.  It took the love of his new bride, Ruth, and an interest in a travel agency in King's Oak, to persuade him to become a land-lubber.  Now he arranges for others to see those far-off places that he knew so well in his past career.