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Truth behind the Crossroads clear-out
Charmian Eyre, the latest victim, reveals the secrets of the sackings

The Mirror, January 6, 1986 by Dan Slater


The latest victim of the Crossroads "massacre" - Mavis, the gossipy wife of garage hand Sid Hooper - intends to pass away as publicly as possible this week.
Mavis, played by actress Charmian Eyre, will die of pneumonia on camera in a harrowing death bed scene.  Which is exactly how Charmian, 58, wants it.  "I'd prefer to go out on a bang rather than a whimper," says the actress who has been in the series for four years.
She is among the incredible hit list of thirteen characters given their marching orders from the soap series.  New producer Philip Bowman started wielding the axe as soon as he arrived a year ago.  His methods haven't exactly endeared him to the cast. 
First in the firing line were motel manager David Hunter, played by Ronald Allen, and his wife Barbara (Sue Lloyd).  They were just devastated by the way they were sacked, says Charmian. 
"They were asked to have a drink with Philip Bowman in London and he told them he had no further use for them.  Ronnie and Sue live together and are engaged.  He knew they were a team and that there would be no point in keeping one without the other."
And actress Lynette McMorrough, who plays test tube mum Glenda Banks, faced the axe in a similar fashion.  "I was at the first birthday party of Lynette's baby when she got a telephone call from Philip Bowman.  She told us he had asked her to meet him for a drink that evening at a local hotel.
"As we drove home from the party I said to Pamela Vezey, who plays Lyn's mother Kath Fellowes, 'Fancy Lynette being asked for a drink.' 
"Pam said:  'I have a feeling it's the push.'
"She was right.  It must have been ghastly for Lynette.  She had been in the programme for five years.  She will perhaps have to travel away from home which won't be easy because of her little girl.  It must have been a hell of a shock for her."

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