Massacre Motel (continued)

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Two other long established characters were also shocked to find themselves on the Crossroads hit list.
She adds:  "David Moran, a very mercurial and highly strung young man who played Glenda's husband was terribly shocked.  "He tried to be philosophical and said:  'I shall look upon it as a challenge.'  But he was really knocked.
"Carl Andrews, who plays garage boss Joe McDonald, was incensed at his fate after seven years - particularly as he was one of only two blacks in the series and the production people had said they wanted more.  Carl thought it was beyond belief."
Charmian admits that she nearly got the sack herself, long before the present troubles.  "After a night out with outrageous Carolyn Jones, who was sexpot Sharon, I finished up under the table.  I was so sick the next day they had to postpone filming.  I don't blame it on Carolyn, because it was my own daft fault.
""Jack Barton was the producer then, and he must have known I couldn't film because I had a hangover.  But as long as everyone thought I had a stomach bug, it didn't matter.  I don't think he minded as long as it didn't go outside of the studio."
Jack was one person who least expected the chop says Charmian.  "Philip Bowman was appointed, it seems to me, in a very underhand way.  Jack came back from a holiday to find Bowman had his job.  Jack is still there as a consultant, but he's not consulted much and didn't come to the show's 21st birthday party in November."
Bowman's appointment - and the changes he has made - has left everyone insecure, she adds.  "I'm sure Tony Adams, who plays Adam Chance, must be looking over his shoulder.  He has been very lucky and I think he is relatively safe...for the moment.
"Pam Vezey, who plays Kath, has told me she crosses her fingers every week.  She probably doesn't have the courage to go to the producers and ask what their plans are for her character."
For Charmian, the state of affairs on the Crossroads set was summed up by the lavish party Central Television threw for the show's 21st birthday.
"The stage managers, Harold and Liz, who have been with the programme almost since the beginning, didn't get any of the champagne or a piece of the huge cake.  They stood around in the corridor waiting for the party to end so that they could start work." 

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