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Glenda Banks tells Diane Hunter that she will have to leave her job at the motel because she can't find anyone to look after the baby.
J. Henry Pollard talks to Mr Dempsey on the phone and tells him that he has an interesting proposition for him. 
Doris Luke talks to Diane Hunter and tells her that Doctor Wilcox told her that she should take a break from work.  Diane says they will be short staffed with Doris and Glenda both leaving.  Doris Luke is surprised to hear that Glenda is leaving.
Glenda Banks asks Iris Scott if she could look after Katie for a while but Iris says she can't. 
Paul Ross chats to Miranda Pollard in reception and asks her if she will be having dinner with James Wilcox this evening.  Miranda says everyone seems to be pushing them together and making them a couple.  She says Diane seems to think her and James Wilcox make the perfect couple and Paul says perhaps Diane identifies with her because she was keen on James Wilcox.  "Poor Diane.  I didn't realise," says Miranda.
Diane Hunter goes to see Glenda Banks at the Brownlow house and asks her if she has found someone to look after Katie, and Glenda says no.  Glenda tells Diane that Percy Dobson has found a replacement for Kevin so he will be coming home.
Adam Chance receives a phone call from garage manager Ken Sands who tells Adam that he has bad news for him.  Adam tells David and Barbara that one of the garage's biggest customers is threatening to withdraw his business from the garage.  Barbara asks how important the customer is and Adam tells her that Dempsey's is one of their biggest customers.
Glenda Banks tells Iris Scott and Diane Hunter that she is thinking of giving up her job.  Iris tells Glenda that she doesn't want to work for J. Henry Pollard anymore because there is nothing to do, and besides he is cooking something up.
Adam Chance tells Jill about Dempsey's threatening to withdraw their contract at the garage.  Jill says she will phone Dempsey, she used to go to school with him, and she might be able to find out what is behind this.  Later, Jill tells Adam that Dempsey had an offer from someone who has undercut the garage by 15%.  Adam says that's impossible, anyone who did that would be operating at a loss. 
Doctor James Wilcox visits J. Henry Pollard in his chalet to check up on his leg.  James tells J. Henry that he is waiting to meet Miranda and J. Henry asks him if it is serious between him and Miranda.  James tells J. Henry that he asked her to marry him but she said no.
Patsy Harris see's Miranda Pollard in reception and asks her advice about Larry Wilcox.  Patsy tells Miranda that Larry wants her to go on the pill.
Adam Chance opens a letter in the office.  "I don't believe it," he says.  He tells Jill that another of the garage customers is pulling out.  He says he is being got at and he thinks he knows who by. 
Miranda Pollard goes to see Larry Wilcox at home and tells him that Patsy Harris is very upset.  Larry tells Miranda that he is serious about Patsy and he wants to make it more serious.
Adam Chance tells David Hunter about another of the garage customers pulling out, and David tells him that if this other company can cut their prices by 15% then the garage must as well.  Adam says that would be financial suicide.
Kath Brownlow see's Doris Luke and Doris tells her that she wrote to her sister to ask if she could go and stay with her but she wrote back to say that she was coming to see her instead. 
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper have a drink in the motel bar and Sid tells Joe that J. Henry Pollard quizzed him about the garage and he thinks he might have told him more than he should have.
Sid Hooper phones J. Henry Pollard and asks if he could come and see him.  Sid goes to J. Henry's chalet and tells him that the garage has lost two of its most valuable customers.  He says that if the worst came to the worst J. Henry could put in a good word for him.
Later Sid talks to Joe MacDonald and tells him that all the time he was talking to J. Henry Pollard he had the feeling that he was laughing at him.  Sid tells Joe that if Adam Chance finds out that he spilled the beans he will be for the high jump.  He asks Joe what he should do and Joe suggests he should tell Adam Chance the truth. 
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald go to the office and speak to Adam Chance.  Sid explains that J. Henry Pollard was asking him a lot of questions about the garage and he thinks J. Henry might be behind the garage losing two customers.  Adam Chance tells them that the thought had crossed his mind.
Glenda Banks tells Paul Ross that she has to give in her notice.  Glenda joins Diane Hunter and Kath Brownlow in the restaurant where they are having their lunch.  Diane asks her what will happen to Iris Scott when Kevin arrives home, and Glenda says she was hoping that Iris could go and stay at Mavis Hooper's lodging house but she hasn't got any spare rooms.  Glenda asks Diane if Iris could stay with her for a while.
Adam Chance tells David and Barbara that he is sure J. Henry Pollard is behind what has happened at the garage.  David says he is sure J. Henry wouldn't do it but Adam tells him that J. Henry pressed Sid Hooper for information.
Doris Luke welcomes her sister Edna Tilling in the motel reception. 

1984 Episodes continued

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