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Greg Collins goes to the MacDonald's home and finds Trina preparing dinner.  He asks her if Joe is coming home and Trina says no.  Trina MacDonald tells Greg Collins that she has to keep him here somehow.  Greg says she has a husband and son.  Trina tells Greg that he must know she loves him.  "You don't love me Trina.  The only person you love is yourself," says Greg and leaves the house. 
Joe MacDonald arrives home and suggests a holiday for him and Trina, but Trina says the only problem is that they would have to come home to this dump.  She switches on the radio and turns the volume up very high.  Next door, Arthur Brownlow raises his eyes to the ceiling when he hears the noise.
David and Barbara Hunter join J. Henry, Valerie and Miranda Pollard in reception and bid J. Henry and Valerie goodbye.  Valerie tells them that she will miss this place.  "I think it can be said this is where I truly married my husband," says Valerie looking at J. Henry.  David extends his hand.  "Congratulations," he says.
Glenda Banks goes to see Trina MacDonald and says she wants to talk about Kevin.  "Good looking guy, tends to lose his cool and lash out," says Trina.  Glenda says she knows that was stupid of Kevin but you couldn't blame him after the rotten things she did.  "It was a pretty vicious thing to do, pretty spiteful," says Glenda. 
Glenda says all these deliberate lies she has been telling.  "Which particular lies are these?" asks Trina.  "I do understand how you feel.  What's been happening to you and Joe is rotten.  It's disgusting.  But it's no reason to spread malicious lies about you and my husband," says Glenda.  "Who told you I was spreading malicious rumours.  Kevin?" asks Trina.  Glenda says she hasn't discussed it with Kevin.  "He hasn't mentioned it.  That's a bit funny isn't it," says Trina.
Trina MacDonald tells Glenda that Joe came in and found Kevin with his arms around her.  "That's a lie," says Glenda.  "So Joe tells lies as well," says Trina.  Trina tells Glenda that she should talk to Kevin himself and Glenda says she doesn't have to.  "You trust him do you?" asks Trina.  "I just know him.  I know he's not like that," says Glenda.  "What about Carole Sands then?" asks Trina.  "What are you talking about?" asks Glenda.  "Oh nothing.  It's simply that Kevin told me he had an affair with her last winter," says Trina.  "It's not true.  I don't believe it," says Glenda.
Terry Lawton asks Joe MacDonald if he has any spare rooms and Joe says no.  Terry Lawton joins Benny in the garage staff room and spreads out his sleeping bag on the floor.  Benny asks him what he is doing and Terry tells him that he is fixing a place to sleep.  Benny tells Terry that he can't sleep there, and Terry says he hasn't got anywhere else to go.  Benny tells Terry that it's a shame he hasn't got the house and Terry asks what house.  Benny tells Terry that he was going to buy a house with the money his father left him.
Glenda Banks returns home and Kath Brownlow asks her what happened.  Glenda tells Kath that if she believes Trina MacDonald she is married to a sex maniac who leaps into bed with any woman he meets.  Glenda runs upstairs.
Benny tells Terry Lawton that he will ask his landlady if she has a spare room.  Terry goes to Benny's room and makes himself comfortable on Benny's bed, whilst Benny unfolds the fold-up bed for Terry to sleep on.  Terry Lawton asks Benny if his bed is an orthopaedic bed because he has got a bad back.  Benny tells Terry that he can sleep in his bed.
Kevin Banks arrives home and Glenda tells him that she spoke to Trina  MacDonald earlier.  "You didn't tell me that Mac caught you with your arms around Trina," says Glenda.  She says Trina was telling her what a romeo he is with the girls.  Kevin says if he is supposed to be messing about with someone then he would like to know who it is.
David Hunter see's Diane in reception and says he heard that she had a problem with Paul Ross, and that he hopes it is all sorted out.  Diane tells him that it is all sorted out, and that she is leaving, there is no way she is staying under the same roof as Paul Ross.  Diane puts out a hand to shake David's hand but David takes her hand in both of his, and says he hopes that she won't slip away before he has had a chance to sort this out.
Terry Lawton chats up one of the cafeteria waitreses called Angie, and she agrees to go out with him.  Terry tells Angie that he will see her later.  Benny comes in as Angue leaves.  Terry tells Benny that Angie has got some problems and he is trying to help her.  He says she is coming round to their place tonight.  "So you'd better keep a low profile," says Terry.  He tells Benny that what he and Angie are going to talk about it confidential, so Benny had better stay out until about midnight.
Diane Hunter goes into the office and David asks her to stay for his sake.  He tells her that he won't let her go, especially when it isn't her fault.
Jill Harvey asks Paul Ross to come to the office.  Paul arrives in the office and tells David and Jill that he is busy in the restaurant and could they be quick.  "Certainly," says David.  "I have reinstated Diane and you will accept that fact," says David.  Paul Ross tells David that he manages the restaurant and David says he manages the motel and everyone in it.
Kevin Banks asks Glenda exactly what Trina MacDonald said.  Glenda tells Kevin that Trina said that he had an affair with Carole Sands last winter, and Kevin says it's a lie. 
Terry Lawton takes Angie back to Benny's room.
Diane Hunter finds Benny sitting in the garage staff room and asks him what he is doing there.  Benny tells her that he can't go home because Terry is there, he is helping Angie because she has got some problems.  Diane tells Benny that she has got problems alrught if she is alone in the flat with Terry.
Kath Brownlow asks Kevin what is wrong and Kevin tells her that Trina MacDonald told Glenda about him and Carole Sands.  "Oh no," says Kath.  She asks Kevin what he said to Glenda and Kevin says he denied all knowledge, but he hates lying to Glenda. 
Kath Brownlow see's Joe MacDonald and tells him that she was hoping they might be able to sort things out.  Kath tells Joe that Trina told Glenda about Kevin and Carole Sands.
Sid Hooper tells Sharon Metcalfe that some of the car batteries they ordered were faulty.
Later that evening, when the garage is empty, Terry Lawton lets himself into the garage workshop and takes one of the batteries.  He puts it in his locker. 
Diane Hunter is walking home when Paul Ross pulls up beside her in his sports car.  He asks her what she is doing this weekend and he tells her that he is going to a country club.  Diane tells him that she is on duty this weekend, and Paul tells her that he has changed the roster to make sure that she is off duty this weekend.  He asks Diane to come to the country club with him.
Joe MacDonald tells Trina that it was cruel to tell Glenda about Kevin and Carole Sands.  He says Glenda has done nothing to her.
Diane Hunter telephones Sharon Metcalfe and tells her not to expect her home this weekend as she is going to a club for the weekend.  Sharon asks her who the man is and Diane says it doesn't have to be a man.  "It's Paul Ross isn't it?" asks Sharon Metcalfe. 
Barbara Hunter takes her car into the garage to get it checked.  She buys a new battery and asks Terry Lawton about a battery which is on special offer.  Terry Lawton fetches the battery which he had in his locker and tells Barbara that it is a bargain at 16, but it has to be cash in hand.  Barbara says she finds this a bit but Terry Lawton says it is nothing to do with him.  Barbara decides to buy the battery and hands Terry the money. 
Terry tells Barbara that he has seen her face before and asks Barbara if she is a model.  Barbara says no.  Terry Lawton tells Barbara that he worked in a garage in Mayfair once and a lot of the customers were models, and she wouldn't look out of place.  He asks Barbara if she is staying at the motel. "You could say that," says Barbara.  Terry tells her that it's alright, but there isn't much going on.  he says he knows a few places and if she ever wants to know where to go, he's her man.  Barbara tells Terry that if she wants any help in that directiono she can always turn to her hsuband.  "He's with you, is he?  Very wide," says Terry Lawton.  "Well thank you very much Mrs...?" says Terry.  "Hunter.  Mrs David Hunter," says Barbara.

1982 Episodes continued

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