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 Alpha Child

Alphans wait anxiously

Helena shows off the baby

Sandra happy

Sue Crawford following birth

Baby Jackie

Five year old child

John meets five year old Jackie

Jackie Crawford

Is there something wrong with the baby?

Alphans discover Jackie is not normal child

Helena and Matthias test Jackie

He's a lovely child

Alan takes Jackie flying

Alphans meet Jackie

Paul summons Koenig


Victor teaches Jackie to speak


Alan takes Jackie up in an eagle

Alan takes Jackie in an eagle

I can't accept him either

John suspects Jackie

Alien spaceship approaches

Alan in Eagle

Alien ship and Eagle

Alan and Paul question John's actions

Jackie is taken to see his mother

John faces down Jackie

Alan incompetant

Jackie becomes Jarak


Jarak forces Helena to attack Matthias

Alan prepares to attack alien spaceship

Sue Crawford becomes Rena

Sue Crawford becomes Rena

Helena forced to hold Alphans at gunpoint

John tells Jarak they can't support more people


Jarak forces John to turn gun on himself

Jarak appeals to John

Enemy spaceship finds Jarak

Jarak and Rena die

Sue Crawford and baby return