David Hunter

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Handsome, suave David Hunter is more than just Meg's colleague and fellow manager of the Crossroads Motel.  He is a close friend too, and Meg knows that when she needs a sympathetic ear she can always turn to him.
Like Meg, David has had his fair share of trouble over the years.  Originally he was married to a very demanding, neurotic woman who drank heavily and often tested his patience to the limit.  In fact on one occasion David, normally a mild, gentle man, went over the edge during a particularly heated argument and resorted to violence.


And then there was Kelly, the lovable, restless journalist who captured his heart.  Although she was often abroad for her job, Kelly returned to the motel whenever she could, and for a time the relationship worked well.  Then she met Steve McKenna, another writer, and for a time thought he was the man for her.  By the time she realised her mistake, David had decided that they were too different and their romance came to an end.  Meg knew that David would need time to get over Kelly completely, and she persuaded him to take a long holiday in Venice.
David's feelings about Meg's romance with Hugh were somewhat mixed.  He liked Hugh, but he was worried that Hugh's many business interests would keep him away too often, and that Meg would feel neglected.  However, even he could see that the couple were very much in love, and after their marriage he lent them his cottage.
While David himself would never deliberately hurt Meg, his relatives have caused more than one tragedy in her life.  David's uncle Timothy was the cause of the accident that put Sandy in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and his son Chris unwittingly became the linkman between the motel and the terrorists who kidnapped Hugh and caused his untimely death.
But all that is behind him now, and he can devote his time and energy to overseeing the running of the motel, a job that all agree he does very well.