For Better, For Worse ... continued

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September 1970.  Sandra Gould falls for Paul Stevens (Paul Greenwood) Motel assistant manager.  But how long can it last?


December 1970.  Love's knowing a good thing when you see it.  Local squire Tom Sinclair weds Gloria Penn: she was the perfect secretary and a pretty fair cook too.  Tom played by Julian Somers, Gloria by Margo Cunningham.


And the future?  To Jill, at least, it's a fine pink cloud and love is forever.  It's young Stan Harvey and a romantic house on a canal.  It's also Wilf, her plainspoken but kind old father-in-law, along with elocutionist Sheila, Stan's sister.  But perhaps above all else, love to Jill brings the one thing she missed in her own family - a father.