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- on the island with crossroads galore but not one motel !


Oh! What a day it was ...
To be exact, 25 crowded hours on Jersey - one minute for every one of the 1,500 episodes the Crossroads 'family' were determined to celebrate.
Even for people used to the dizzy life of television, it was a jampacked schedule taken at whirlwind pace.
From the moment the British Midlands Airways Viscount took off in bright sunshine from Birmingham's Elmdon Airport, there was barely time to say "Motel".
First big surprise came at Jersey Airport, where a totally unexpected crowd of fans waited to greet them.
"Hello, Meg!" - "Hello, Amy!" - "Hello, Sandy!" they shouted.


A highlight of the trip was a dinner given in the team's honour by the Jersey Tourism Committee - whose vice-president, Jack Gready, proved himself an ardent Crossroads fan.
He told them:  "There are about 500 miles of roads in Jersey and lots of crossroads - but not one motel."
And his invitation for everyone to come again on the 2,000th anniversary was happily accepted! 
Click here for more photos of the casts visit to Jersey

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