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A princess who threw her schedule aside ... a prince who reduced the cast to silence ... 1970 was quite a year for the Crossroads team when it came to Royal visits.  Princess Alexandra called on them in March during a tour following her official opening of the new ATV centre in Birmingham.  Prince Philip dropped in during a private visit last November.


It was arranged by the production team that when Prince Philip walked into the control room a special signal would let the cast know that he had arrived. 
Came the signal.
Actors and actresses used to an audience of millions, saw it - and dried up out of sheer nervousness!
Later, after sound had been restored, Prince Philip, pictured woth Amy Turtle and producer Reg Watson, met the cast in the studio.


Time, usually the master of royal schedules, became the servant once Princess Alexandra became involved with Crossroads.
Here she talks to Noele Gordon.
As her interest deepended, the clock watchers became more and more concerned.  But even the reminder of a waiting aircraft failed.  The Princess at the Crossroads made her own choice.

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