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Included in this very limited edition set are black and white telerecordings of episodes 1884 and 1886 from 1973 and, a major find, episode 126 from April 1965, which makes it by far the earliest known surviving edition.
Episode 126 from April 1965
Philip gets a surprise visitor, recently released from jail.  A leather-clad Carlos is full of enthusiasm for his impending trip to Malvern, but he ends up hiding out in an exclusive girls' school.  Meg entertains Hugh with her imitation of a Brummie acent.
Episode 1884 from March 1973
Sheila returns home to a warmer reception from Wilf than she expected.  Timothy and Kevin discuss meg's eligibility for marriage and end up making a gentleman's bet to see who gets her first.  It's Jane's first day at the motel and she mistakes David for a guest.
Episode 1886 from March 1973
Vera, the victim of sinister phone calls, is encouraged by Sid Gilbert to confide in him.  Timothy and Kevin's bet to catch Meg continues, though she has thwarted them both by disappearing to the Hotel Droitwich for the week.  Vera's watch is stolen.

Price:    8.00 including postage and packing
Condition un-used with clear plastic wrapping still intact.

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