The Gay Day I Asked Larry To Marry Me ... continued

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I don't really want to leave Crossroads.  I want to stay.  I cannot imagine life without it.  But the decision has been made.  Tomorrow I will be back in the rehearsal rooms with the rest of the cast and although I have a contract until the end of the year, at one of our Monday morning run-throughs the axe will fall on Meg Mortimer's head.
So why have I been making all these confessions?
Well, when Meg finally leaves the motel the real Noele Gordon will take over.  Just what sort of person she is you now know.
How my life has been a bitter-sweet existence of laughter and tears.
As for my future, who knows?  For a start, it would make sense to have a long holiday.  It would be my first real break for 25 years.
But I will never retire.
I've been asked to play the lead as Mama Rose in a tour of Gypsy prior to a West End production.  Five theatrical managements have also made approaches, offering to put me in a play of my own choosing.  And I will be appearing on Terry Wogan's Blankety Blank show.
If I am to return to TV regularly, I would very much like to host a new breakfast programme or even a late-night show. 
It's all a new challenge after so many years as television's Meg.  Wish me luck.
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for the article 

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