Two Men In Her Life ... continued

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I was attracted by Nolly's fantastic personality.  I was flattered she considered I become a professional actor - that I had the ability in me.  She gave me advice and recommended I see a casting agent.  When I got my Equity card, I landed a Crossroads part.
Nolly, I think, is a frustrated wife at heart.  She always looked after me like a mother hen.  On the other hand she had in me a presentable escort who was capable of holding a knife and fork and paying his own way.  That's because I'm successful in the wholesale fish business.
We had our laughs together.  She gave me that Viking tag because I really do come from Viking stock - from Wick in the Shetlands.
Crossroads is Nolly's life - totally.  And, for me, her life has now been taken away.
Our breakup came after I invited Nolly to my parents' Ruby Wedding celebration.  A little before this I had met and fallen in love with a smashing girl.  Her name is Sue Evans.  She is 27 and is soon to become my wife.
Nolly sensed that Sue was someone special.  There were vibrations all round that here was a situation where two women were in love with one man - me.
Nolly and I have never spoken since.  I have my regrets that things ended the way they did.  I would like to still be friends.  I know she is desperately unhappy over leaving Crossroads.  It's been 17 years of her life.  To my mind Crossroads is finished too.   
Special thanks to Maria Brabiner for article

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